No man, woman, or child should be killed by police period, all lives matter period.

Since I was a child, I can remember how America works, and what it means to be a part of it, in a productive and legal way. America has many laws and religions and more to guide it along. Many people say all the time, “I don’t want to talk religion or politics with you!” Why, is what many will ask, would people say that? The simple answer is people get so tied up in their beliefs in each area, we fight over who is right or what is right regarding each issue. The passion behind what you believe in, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, whether your catholic, or any other religions seems imbedded in us deeply and we tend to not listen to other views on important matters. The problem is when we don’t we tend to start wars, fights and arguments over it all and it erupts in violence and death for too many.

America as a country, was built on some basic principles and beliefs. In our way of life All Men Are created Equal and that is how the world, should, be really, also. The fact of the matter is not inline with that statement or thought or idea nor is it inline with that belief fully. Seems to me, we have many problems no one is really facing or overcoming in our country and society as a whole.

First and foremost is inequality between races, colors, and ethic backgrounds. I see it daily from both sides actually. The white separate themselves from the blacks and the blacks do the same in return. The orientals do it also, all becoming separate cultures and under one umbrella of America, but pulling ripping tearing at the seams badly, as we struggle for complete equality. It is really a sad statement on humanity and America as a whole really.

Skin color, nationality, religion or political beliefs should not be dividing america period or any other nation. The reason it does is called passion and a feeling of one making itself look or feel or act better then the other, it’s a falsehood folks, face it.

I don’t care if your black, white, or any other color, where you came from, how you got here, your here period and you belong here period. or it would not be your fate to be here. I hope that makes sense to all of us. We don’t choose where we are born, where we die or only where we live as we move through life, choose wisely folks ok. We all tend to go where we feel most comfortable and safe, especially as we raise our children, some of us have no choice whatsoever and we end up in improvised neighborhoods struggling, others live in rich ones and most live in average ones. Lets face some facts here for all to understand.

First fact to face for all, we are all human beings, mortals. We are on the planet we live on, and we must survive first off, secondly, we are all equal already when we are born. You want proof, look at yourself closely, do you breath the same air I do, yes, do you bleed the same color I do, red, do you need food and nourishment like i do, yes you do.

Do you want a family, a home, a place to live, yes we all do folks. Do we want to be able to afford to live, yes we all do. Do we look for help, make mistakes, recover from losses and make bad decisions, yes we all do. So, tell me please what makes you think because of your skin color or nationality, or politics, or religion that your better than I am? Tell me please!

Look I tired of many things in american life, people screaming they are white supremist, people screaming black lives matter and that they are black panthers, people yelling for attention. It happens everyday in america doesn’t it folks? We see it on television, we see it and hear it all day and night. But, what do we do about it all really. We recede into the background, we hide, we step back and yell from a distance don’t we?

Imagine this then folks, what would happen if one day, all colors, all races in america decided to protest, and fight together on one issue to overcome it together and all sides were viewed as involved and covered? I bet you, the problem would be solved fast and disappear, you know why, because all would have input, all would be listened to and yes all may not agree fully on how to solve it but, it would be solved in such a way as all could agree on it.

You want proof you say, lets me put it to you this way then. I served my country asa Soldier, and a sailor, I totaled 16 years of service. I served with blacks, white, hispanic and orientals and anyone who wore a U,S. Military Uniform. When one ship is shot at or one solider, it’s not what color they are, it they are americans and we will fight back to save them or honor them won’t we? It’s the American way period!

Yes we are a democracy and republic, first and foremost folks, and when we go to war it is our children fighting those wars, and no one says I am black, or white, or hispanic or oriental and I won’t go, we all went. we all served, we all did the duties necessary so our loved ones at home are safe, and live in peace at home.

America’s biggest problem isn’t discrimination, prejudice, race or religion or politics, it really one thing, anger, and tempers that flare up and how passionately we want tp belong and live in peace and be treated equally with the exact same results for all of us.

So I will leave you with a statement I have said before and will say again here and now, for all to read, and see.

I grew up in the projects of a city here in Connecticut as a kid. I had friends of all colors and nationalities due to that. When I was young, I got a peanut butter jar and it’s cap, and ran outside and tried to capture bees with it. One day I was doing just that, when I missed capturing the bee and it stung me. I cried and wa sin pain, I was young. a door opened and out came a lady and she calmed me down, hugged me and then put a mud plaster patch, on my hand and drew the bee stinger out and wiped my hand off and smiled at me and said, there you go. The pain disappeared and i felt a lot better, I didn’t look at her or her skin color, nor did I care, I was grateful and thankful period. It never dawned on me she was black, I was white and we were different. What did affect me wa sthe kindness she showed me, period. I will never forget her, ever for she showed me all of us care about one another period. That’s what America should be period in my mind’s eye. we should strive to make it that way always.

No man, woman, or child should be killed by police period, all lives matter period. Unless your willing to honor that and live that way, we will still have the problems we have. Police, firefighters are public servants folks, they are human they make mistakes we all know that now. We have seen it on tv, read about it in our papers or heard it on radios, let’s work to overcome it, but please, don’t be violent, don’t let your anger get the best of you, let’s find compassion, let’s find understanding, let’s agree to disagree, yet still get along and listen to one another, please.

We have seen enough killings, enough violence, damages and hurt and pain and suffering let’s stop now, and work together to make it better.


We The People!

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