Remember, your choices make you, you.

When we are young, we all want to be older and bigger and stronger. we all want to do all the things adults do, as we watch as children. we want to run and jump and play music, and sing and have sex and smoke and drinks and gamble too. We all have a need to be adults. Then when we reach adulthood we enjoy a brief decade or so of great adult life, we work, earn money, save money, get educated and have fun in all ways. It involves learning sex, it involves developing habits and it involves growing more responsible right?

I can remember being a kid, running and jumping and playing games and not caring at all. I think we all can, then as we grow up we are faced with family responsibilities. taught to be responsible for our own actions, taught the laws of the land we live in and in the end, we all try hard to fit in, unless we go the route of crime and dishonesty.

We get taught manners, we get taught right from wrong, we get taught morals and ethics as we grow, and we try to apply them to how we wish to live our own lives. For many it is easy and natural to do, for some it isn’t and it becomes a struggle that balances on the edge of normalcy and insanity sometimes.

The point is this, at what point do we finally accept our roles in the societies we are born into, and then figure out how to flourish and survive and get ahead and along? well for many it is mid teens, some it is mid twenties and for even a few their early thirties. why the differences, it all depends on how you are raised, what discipline you are given, and what leeways too. Many want to look back and go I blame my parents they were messed up, BUt again we choose who we are and how we act or react to the world and those around us and what we need to do. No one else is really responsible folks, I tire of hearing how many blame their base families for what they turned out to be, it’s false. You made the decision to be you, no one else did, you decided whether to be angry, sad, depression is the only thing we can not control for it is chemically introduced in our brains. we can overcome physical disabilities, we have been proven to overcome mental disabilities as a race of humans, we have even learned how to chemically stop depression and control it to a point. what we can not control, is how society as a whole reacts to us, unless we work to fit into what exists.

What made abraham Lincoln who he was, what made George Washington the Father of America, these United States? What made man in history world wide, strive to improve themselves and the world around them, but working to do so?

One is curiosity, one is initiative and the final factor, really is motivation. A poet doesn’t write a poem, or a writer a story without any of the above. A President doesn’t run for Office without any of the above. A baby will not breath without any of the above, nothing happens automatically to humanity folks. A child is not created without initiation by it’s parents, a child will not breath without being motivated to either. Basics are not accomplished with some form of motivation, and initiated by some factor of one sort or another. It’s just a scientific and basic fact of human life is it not?

In order to survive we strive to be something we are not normally. We want to be better wordsmiths, we want to be better actors, we want to be better parents, we strive to be the best at all we do in life, don’t we?

So, let me say this to all out there and make it plain and simple for all to see. we learn as we go, yes we learn from what we see others do and say and we learn by experiences. Never forget as yo raise a child whether your own or another person’s, they watch what you do, they watch what you say they listen to every word, and they assimilate to it and adopt to it as their own. So when you stop to think about it, yes our parents have a major contribution to who we are each day of our lives, but in the end, we ourselves control our own outcomes and who we become as individuals. Once we are taught to make choices folks, it is up to us as to who we become and what we do from that moment on.

Yes I wanted to be an adult before i was one, yes I wanted to smoke, drink, swear, run, play and have fun we all do. Yes I wanted to be an adult, then became one, then as I grew older I came to realize, it’s no fun anymore being someone other than who I am. So I stopped and and just became me. an Individual who knows right from wrong, good from evil, peace from war, and what societies norms are and whether i shall follow them or fight against them. I’s called choice folks, we all have it and should realize no matter what, the choices we make and act on are what makes us fit in or not fit in and make us exactly who we really are daily in life.

Let me close this little write up with these words, I grew up, I adopted and adapted to life around me and the society I grew up in. I wanted to be an adult and do adult things and make adult choices and I have. My parents, weren’t right or all wrong either in all they did, nor am I. But, now in my sixties and an adult myself, I know they were not the ones who made my choices I was. So I accept me for being me and respect everyone else for being themselves too. It was interesting growing up and wanting to try all new things, but in the end it was my choices I made, that made me, me, no one else’s. So, as I stand today and look back I thank all in my life for the experiences I had, how I learned and choose who I am and say this, don’t rush growing up kids, don’t blame anyone for anything you did wrong, learn from it, accept it and move on from it and be better. Life is too short to point fingers at people in your past, you don’t have time for that. LIve, love, laugh, enjoy, do what you love, be who you want to be and remember, your choices make you, you.

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