Don’t let it happen, Americans, Please!

Enough is enough, we can only wear hip-waders so damn long and , listen to the Trump LIE for so, damn, long. Lets state some facts for all to understand upfront whether you are Democrat, Republicans, Independent or any other political follower. Facts don’t lie, numbers don’t, lie, there was no damn voter fraud, there is no damn problem with the election process, wake the hell up, people!

You don’t lose a Presidential election because you were great for the American People and America as a whole! You don’t lose by over 80 million votes and lose the electoral college by such a wide margin, if your any good, for anyone, anywhere!

You Don’t get Impeached twice in one four year term as President if your so god damn great, you get impeached because your a damn asshole, a liar, and phoney and totally incompetent, period. Then, instead of graciously admitting defeat, you deny it, fight it and inspire and incite an insurrection against the very government, you are supposed to be representing as its President? What’s wrong with this damn picture folks, you tell me!

Almost every friend of Donald J. Trump who originally helped him get elected President has been indicted and needed pardons from him to stay out of prison and you think it’s alright for him to be telling his big lie and to bad talk Joe Biden and the current Administration? If so, whoever you are, you need to wake up, stop smoking whatever wild shit you are or stop taking drug trips and see the truth. This has gone far enough in America and the whole damn world is watching it too and going oh no, when will they, stop?

Trump failed as a President, in many areas and they are as plain as if you had a damn pimple on your nose, for all to see. He failed in foreign Affairs, he failed in wars, he was laughed out of The United Nations, he stopped progress on climate control and peace accords, he stopped nuke talks. Leaders of other countries publically laughed at him for the world to see. He failed in creating jobs for all as he promised, he failed in building his great wall to keep Mexico out even, come on folks wake the hell up! He said and I quote Mexico will pay for the wall, that was bullshit then and it is now too. He failed in fighting the pandemic and left no plan or plans to vaccinate anyone anywhere and he slinked out of the White House, hiding the fact he and his wife and family were vaccinated.

Donald J. Trump is the worst President in America’s history, period folks. Yet Republicans want to back him and still follow his barrel of lies, the question is why? They are following Trump because they believe he can help them recover the Senate and The House and raise money for future elections, period. Trump has his sycophants out there who blindly will follow everything he says without doing any verification or check, sadly. Sycophant- definition as follows-a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage. when you look at these individuals they do not think for themselves, they follow Trump blindly, to gain financial help for their campaigns, and they want his followers to help them, along.

The voters who follow Trump are not educated, intelligent, or living in reality, they live in Trump World, Donald J. Trump’s world is like a sick and warped, Disney World, and Disney makes more sense than Donald J. Trump, folks.

Please remember the following: Trump failed at all he touched or tried to do as President, twice Impeached while in office, Incited the Insurrection against his own government and country he was President of, while in Office, then when he lost, he lied about losing, failed to accept his loss and hasn’t let go of that lie since he left office. That’s a sad, sad statement for any man or woman to have said about them, never mind an, ex-American President!.

He’s a disgrace to America and shunned by the world, think about it folks, it’s a sad statement the world is saying, about, Donald J. Trump. In the end if you stand by Trump’s lies you are enabling him and his crowd, folks, to tear apart, dismantle and destroy the only real democracy and republic in the world that has ever existed. I remind all, what one founding father said, Ben Franklin folks, after the Declaration of Independence was signed, We shall only have a Republic for as long as we protect and preserved it and defend it! If we allow people like Donald J. Trump to get away with all he did as President and since, we allow the Republic to fade from the face of the earth and America to become a wasteland. Don’t let it happen, Americans, Please!

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