Kevin McCarthy the Minority Leader needs to go! Donald John Trump, is a danger to American Democracy!

As Liz Cheney, the number three in The Republican Party, speaks truth and honesty, regarding Trump and all he has said and done to the United states and our democracy/ Republic, Kevin McCarthy plays kiss ass with Trump and follows Trump’s orders to oust her.

I want all Americans in California and across the United States to watch this power move by McCarthy and why he is doing what he is doing. He is going to force the only person so far in the republican party, with enough guts and balls to stand up to Trump and call him out for being Impeached Twice, Losing the Election in General and in the House and Senate and all of his failures as President. Why?

Liz Cheney is speaking truth and McCarthy dislikes her, saying it, regarding Trump and all he has done to America. I stand by Liz Cheney and i am not even a Republican I am a Democrat, she is correct in saying americans should not stand for what Trump did to his country, in causing and inciting the Insurrection at The Capital, period. she is correct in calling Trump the biggest failure in American History as an American President also.

Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and others all need to learn now what they are doing to America is distorious to the country and mostly to their own Party. People need to object, fight back, print facts and history and let Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell know they are wrong, dead wrong, in all they are doing. Protests should be held in Kevin McCarthy’s hometown in California, in Mitch McConnell’s hometown in Kentucky and finally outside Mar A Lago in Florida too. Donald J. Trump belongs in prison not running a blog online telling lies about the 2020 election, he lost period, he is a walking crime spree in my book. Donald J. Trump is the biggest loser in American History in so many ways and i am waiting for the charges to drop on his ass and him to be arrested and charged for all he has done to his country and its people.

Never in American History hasa na American President been so corrupt as Donald J. Trump was folks. He almost sold you to Putuin and Russia during his term and would have if he could have, believe it! As we await the charges we are also learning how he corrupted the Justice department will Barr and the Supreme Court with his choices. I remind all who live in America, no American owes loyalty to Donald J. Trump, nor should you keep protecting him, the wheels of justice are rolling along now, he will get his soon enough. Protect your own country folks, protect your Democracy and Republic, don’t let Donald J. Trump and his cronies undercut it! He is destroying everything he can and you his supporters are blind enough, dumb enough, and sycophants of his, who care nothing about America just your damn selves, grow up, Trump will burn you all soon enough too.

No Politician is perfect, no man or woman is either all make mistakes, but none and i mean none in American History have ever attacked their own country in the ways Trump has now.

Wake up Americans, DOnald J. Trump doesn’t deserve your loyalty, he doesn’t deserve respect, he doesn’t even deserve to be a free man. I think the Justice Department and the Attorney General should bring charges against Trump and arrest him as soon as possible and investigate his tax dodging, draft dodging lying ass now!

America, america, we have the right to free speech here and this is my opinion of what I think, of Donald John Trump, I have a right to say it and a right to believe it too. If donald John Trump can hide behind the constitution and his rights I can use mine also.

The Justice system will work it’s magic soon enough I hope, Donald John Trump needs to be shut down and all of his enterprises and businesses too. He is a danger to American Democracy, The Republic of The United States and all of its citizens.

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