Donald Trump-He was given everything by his daddy and is a spoiled child in a man’s body is all.

I remember an old television show when I was growing up, that reminds me of the current status of the Republican Party today in America. A family was shot off into space on a ship they called the Juniper 1 if I remember it, correctly and the shows title was Lost in Space. The ship carried a family called the Robinsons as it explored space and accidently landed on a world, they had no idea where.

I say it reminds me of the current Republican Party, for many reasons, it had a head of the family who made common sense decisions and and used logic to survive. That is the old Republican Party that made sense see, then it had Doctor Smith the nemesis and stowaway on the ship who caused all the trouble, the family and crew could handle weekly. It also had a robot in it, that would run around at time, repeating Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!! Warning of impending doom for the family or Will the child, himself, who represents the Republican Party in my view.

Now how do I equate it with The Current Republican Party, simple watch. The Republican Party today, The GOP as they call it is indeed LOST in Space period. It makes no sense, believes lies and deceit and barrels ahead into trouble every day now. Now who is the logical figure using common sense and intelligence in the Republican Party, Liz Cheney and those who support her, who are telling the truth about the Big Lie of the 2020 Election that Trump put out and carrying it forward.

Donald Trump is the trouble with his lies and his controlling of the Republican Party period and add in Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and you have people running around, screaming danger, danger, danger for no reason other than Trump told them to. Period. THis whole bit about removing Liz Cheney from the number 3 position in The Republican Party is pure bullshit! Cheney backed more of Trump’s proposals then any of these other assholes, she is being removed because she will not accept Trump’s lies and bullshit about the 2020 election and because she has enough guts not to bend to his will. Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and their cronies are only kissing Donald Trump’s ass, because he controls the purse strings of his followers and they need him and that money moving forward, period.

So as Liz Cheney, and others stand up and reject Trump’s big election lie, the Trumpers and Maga followers, tend to screw louder and make a bigger mess out of the country period. Donald J. Trump was and is the worst President in American History period. He had no control over anything he started, he finished nothing he started, he kept no promises he made. Look closely and you will see if you have a brain and a mind of your own and you haven’t gotten brainwashed with his bullshit. He promised jobs, failed, he promised to bring jobs back from overseas failure, he promised to get you a new healthcare plan, failure and he killed the one that did work. Wake up folks! He failed at The United Nations, they laughed at him. He failed in North Korea and Iran, kissed up to Putin and Russia and still people want to back this guy come on! What is wrong with you people? Leaders of other Nations laughed at him publicly, why do you think they did that?

There was no Quannon before Trump, there was no violence and riots in the streets before Trump! Trump set-up, called for and incited a damn insurrection against his own government, got property destroys and people killed too on January th, 2020, yet you all wantt o stand there and deny what was televised and seen by all of us? Sad! He Lost the Election by the exact same margin in the electoral college that he won his term by in the first place and over 80 million people voted for Biden over him, wake up!. So he cries they stole they election and you idiots believe him, but don’t believe in your own election process that’s been here since the beginning and has kept America going? You Trump supporters, are either just totally stupid, idiotic, or blind, which is it? This man, Donald J. Trump. all of you who voted for him elected in Office as President, failed at all he did and you gave him a four year term and he destroyed lal he touched, that should tell you you have problem with picking any candidate for any office never mind the White House!

Now before you hold a new GOP Convention, you better realize, Trump failed, he lost big time in all ways, in The House, In The Senate and The White House. Lost, you do understand that word right? He is a Twice Impeached Ex-President disgraced, do you really think, he can lead your so called GOP back to the top of the mountain, with all of the facts against him? I surely doubt that one!

Donald J. Trump doesn’t even deserve to be a citizen of America anymore in my book, he is a traitor to his country. That’s my opinion of him. He attacked his own Government, incited a riot against it and destroyed historical property as well as scared the hell out of the Senate and House and the leaders too. He even put his own Vice President’s life at stake doing it all and didn’t care. So you tell me what is so great about Donald John Trump, we are all waiting for that one!

As Liz Cheney fights back and more than likely will lose here, I ask you all, how many more times, will the american People sit around and Donald John Trump have his way and do as he pleases? He is a draft dodger and a coward and in the end he should be banned from social media, newspapers, and the news too. He should be isolated and removed from the public stage in America, and if you ask me he should be under arrest for tax evasion, and so much more.

I agree with Liz Cheney, Trump’s Big Lie is killing American Democracy and our Republic, and The GOP wants to back him and go along with him? No, Ban Donald John Trump from social Media, political influence, public speaking platforms and isolate him. He is a danger to the American Democracy, The Republic and to human kind in general in my book. He was given everything by his daddy and is a spoiled child in a man’s body is all.

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