Outline writers, outline!

After a pretty busy last few months, during which I have written very few blogs or anything else, due to real life events, I may be getting back to writing some if I can. Now, I know not all my blogs are famous or well read and I am not really worried about that at this time. I just feel like, at some point I have things to say about many issues in America and the world too. But, I also like to write stories and poems and have done some littlel e-books on Amazon Kindle Books. The little books I did in the past, are located at the following link if anyone is interested of course. https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000 Feel free to look for yourself if you like.

For now, I have a few ideas on new stories to write and maybe longer material , I may be interested in writing out and turning into books or manuscripts so to say. Will I do so, well that will take time to know for sure. currently I am taking care of my wife who had a serious fall in March and that resulted in her having a brain bleed, blood clot in her leg and problems with her cognitive functions. Slowly she is working on trying to come back of course but my participation and helping her, will be vital, if she can recover.

Writing is an art in one way, it is also a way to let things out for many who write, emotion trapped in the human mind are dangerous if withheld from the world and trapped inside a person. So many writers work to release those feelings, emotions, and desires and lusts and more, in stories, in poems or blogs. So many emotions can build in a human being and so many thoughts can race through one person’s mind at a time.

The real question for many who wish to write is a simple one, where do I start and how. The first thing is to decide you wish to do so, the second thing is to be able to keep it in an order that will make sense, as you write it, so others can read and comprehend what you are writing and making it interesting for them to enjoy. So what should your first step be?

If you have an idea for a story, do yourself a favor, write it down in a general way for. What is it about, what subject is it on? Where does it take place, under what conditions, is it slow paced or fast paced is it a drama type or a comedy type or something different. Whatever it maybe, write it down in a General statement ok!

Now to flesh out the idea I recommend you stop and then outline it well. Where does it start, and how? Where does it take place, what are the surrounding, who is the hero or villain or just a participant. Why is each person a part of the story, what is their purpose, in it. Are they necessary to the story, and if so in what way!

Outline each part folks, the beginning, the scenery, the surroundings, Where is the story starting and why, what motivated it and initiated it. Long ago and far away in television history now , wasa show called The Walton’s. If you watched it at all and paid attention the stories were told through John Boy’s writing and journals. While now all of us keep journals or diaries like the character did, we do assemble stories of our own lives in our heads. So take it from the head to the paper ina outline format folks start there.

Once you outline it then you have a pattern to follow in general and an idea where you wish to go with it and a beginning and end in mind at least. Then, build the location or scene it starts in in living color so to say. All stories that are made up are based on something in someway that has happened in the Author’s life that they are taking and changing as they put it to paper. Don’t be stiff, don’t be long winded either when you write, concise is good, but, leaving out descriptions, dialogue or locations, tends to make a reader go what, how did this happen, if it does not make sense to you, it won’t to them either. You can’t sell a story that does not make sense or connect or tell all clearly. Readers like first being drawn in, second to feel the surroundings, to feel the action, to known the characters round em out as you go, make them as real as possible.

All writers, have a purpose in mind in telling their story, a reason to tell it that made it interesting to them and as the writer you have to draw the interest of your readers to keep it going so they will read it. A boring story will not sell, even an educational one has to be interesting to the reader. Otherwise why would they read it folks?

Anyway, at this point I will end this blog, for I believe i have conveyed some information for some who write, to think about. As I begin a new project or thoughts of one myself, I plan on following my own advice here and outline what I wish to do first. It’s like an artist who draws or paints, you must sketch it out first that is what your outline should be, a general sketch of the story, you are attempting to tell or write. On that note I shall end this blog on writing for now. My own work, will have to commence for me myself. So, I do wish young writers or new writers all the luck, and recommend you start as i said, and outline as you go. A writer basically to make a story a great one needs, details, and research to get the story out. The Outline is the guide for your story or book, never forget facts you used, for you will need to stick to them as you go along. Outline writers, outline and write, the more we write the better educated, the better entertained people can be, which is what you want in the first place, to be heard, read and ultimately sell.

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