Let me address the 23rd District of California, Kevin McCarthy’s home! Republicans just suck!

The Republican Leadership in The House and Senate of the American Government have a problem with reality and truth. They also have a problem with whose ass to kiss to stay in office each election cycle that goes by. Right now all of them want to stand behind Trump and his big lie on The 2020 Election For President, but that wasn’t always the case with Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, right after January 6th, 2021.

This am on CNN, I heard a statement from Kevin McCarthy that he will not support a commission to investigate what happened on January 6th, 2021, the insurrection at the capitol, brought about due to Donald J. Trump and his words and speeches, all based on a lie the election was stolen by President Joe Biden and the democrats, a lie which is separating and dividing not only the Republican Party, but the nation as a whole. Sadly, americans stand about denying what they saw with their own eyes on television, then deny the damages and actions caused by those who did it all waving Trump Flags and wearing Trump hats. Be real folks wake up now.

I see Representatives and senators who helped barricade themselves in the chambers on January 6th, denying it ever happened and calling it a normal day of day trippers and visitors coming to washington for a tour? What is wrong with this picture folks? Do you people watch the news, CNN, even Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and more have footage of the riot and insurrection at the Capitol, so where were these so called deniers on January 6th, 2021 that they didn’t witness what all of us really did see?

The Republican Party wants to keep Donald J. Trump, a Twice impeached Ex-President as its leader, going forward, for what reason, really? It’s called money and they believe they can’t win without him, and refuse to move on without him, that’s sad. But this is not, just about, who leads the Republican Party anymore, it now becomes where the hell is the Republican Party that once was the Grand Old Party?

Let me address the 23rd District of California, Kevin McCarthy’s home, he represents, let me ask the residents, do you really want to be represented by a man who is kissing Trump’s ass, and lying to you and they american public about what happened on January 6th, 2021? Do you really want to let him, say on January 6th, 2021, or january 7th, 2021, that Trump was responsible for inciting the insurrection at the Capital and then later deny it? And you really want to leave him in office, representing you and your full district? Answer me this the people of the 23rd Congressional District of California, why would you want to be represented by such a liar? This man is spineless, a liar, and a sycophant of Donald J. Trump, he believes he can not win an election without Donald J. Trump or Trump’s support or money! He is gutless and wishy washy and changes his stance and his own words daily that he speaks to match whatever he believes Donald J. Trump wants and needs.

While I am at it let’s discuss Mitch McConnell also. He di Trump’s bidding for Trump’s four year term, he had stacked the Supreme court with Conservative Judges, Who are about to take on Roe V Wade and a woman’s right to control her own body and the right to abortion for women. McConnell himself madea very serious statement after the insurrection at the capital and outright pointed the finger at Donald J, Trump as President and told all he was responsible for the whole deal at the Capital. Now McConnell is opposing everything President Joe Biden is doing and pushing Trump’s big lies also just like McCarthy. The People of Kentucky can not really believe in Mitch McConnell anymore in my opinion, what happened to the real McConnell the one with guts? where did he go and does McConnell really believe in Trump, or is this a money game for these Republicans?

I am about to give you what I believe is the real reason for these republicans pushing Trump’s big lie. The Republican Party believes it has no leaders, real leaders within it. They believe they can not win unless Trump is the Leader of their party, that’s a lie. Trump is a twice impeached ex-president who riled up Qanoon, riled up people, angered then and sent them to destroy, ravage and damage the Capital of his own country! He lost the White House, he lost the hOuse and The senate, he failed at diplomacy, he failed at foreign affairs, he was laughed at world wide by leaders of other nations, he was laughed out of The United Nations, he failed in North Korea, he failed in Iraq and Iran too. He failed to build his wall between us and Mexico or to have Mexico pay for it. Mexico laughed at him. People are cutting through his wall right now, and still coming to America through it, a failure. Trump is a bigot, he is prejudice and discriminates against all people of color too and yet these republican Politicians back him still?

Do me a favor people of 23rd District of California, and the people of Kentucky, wake up and listen, read, educate yourselves on what is real and not real, remove Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell and tell them, to stop pushing the big lie and to move on back what America’s Government is currently doing helping americans!

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