Wake the hell up, shut down McConnell, shut down McCarthy

Each day, is a new struggle to keep going for my wife, with her numerous conditions currently. her cancer still rages on even after chemo and immunotherapy too and the continuous treatments. Add in her fall on March 13th at 3 am. a brain bleed from it and a blood clot in her right leg then add in her contingency problems and well, you get the picture, I am sure. So each day, I change her underwear, dress her, feed her and bring her down stairs. Some days she has breakfast of her choice of course and I cook for her, I clean up for her and I water her plants and care for our cats. The Nurses come and go each day, some for medical check-ups some to clean her fully, Every few weeks I take her in for her immunio treatments. But, I am not a fool nor am I lost in space so to say, I know she will not last forever, so I struggle with keeping her here as long as I can. The Ramps are in, the stairlift here the house is littered with handicapped gear, for her to use to get around, yet she has trouble getting up, or down. I upped the television services for us both we don’t go far at all, the only one who does is me, for I do the shopping you see.

One day it’s groceries the next fill in snacks, the next medications she needs as we go on. Medicaid said no we have too much money to get their help and we would have to be practically broke to get it. So when one partner is hurt and down and help is needed no one is around to help. We pay the penalty for being smart enough to save some money and to pay off our home, seems the state wants a part of she get medicaid at all.

I myself am a disabled Veteran, I have six herniated discs in my spine, I have PTSD, Dental Problems, and more. I get my meds through the VA when I can and I let myself go to care for her, because no one is here to watch her if I go to care for myself. she comes first always, and I shall suffer through whatever it takes. I care not, I change her, clean her, feed her, because i love her and don’t want her to die. On that point, and time, I know I shall cry.

Being 65 myself I know my time is drawing closer each day as we go on, I am not a fool. I also know what we set up and why, for when we die. We are not rich and never have been, but we have given and given to so many charities and people over our lives.

We gave to cancer and children, animals and medical facilities. we gave to the homeless, we gave to people who needed a home to live in and shared our over the years helping them along. so stayed 12 years, some less, some needed medical help, others were visitors from afar. We did it all, not for us, but for all we helped over the years and as we look back, over these things we do not shed any tears. we are proud we could do so and happy for those who moved on and made it and sad for those who failed even with our help, we can’t change anyone and wouldn’t try. I watch people sit and care not a damn about the world or anyone else and go why!

The Republicans don’t want any investigation of 1/6/21 I do. The republicans want to kill healthcare and stop immigration, they want to re-elect a twice in one term, Impeached President and kiss his ass. The world is at war and we americans are fighting for our lives due to age , health and politics, and in the end the world sucks these days. medicare only covers so much, The Veterans administration covers me if needed. But help is impossible to get for the elderly and for those in dire straights too. I applied for Medicaid for my wife and they say I must be broke to get her it. my home we paid off is at stake and no help is in sight either, sadly that is life these days in america, we have gone from a we, we ,we society, to a me, me, me society,! It’s sad! The ones who suffer for it are not the ones of youth, or middle age unless they get ill or have a disease, but the elderly of America. The Republicans don’t care for you or me the average american, they care for themselves just ask Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell !. If they did they would be working on healthcare for all, care for the elderly and social programs for all americans they don’t and won’t unless it prolongs their stay in political power period. Wake up America, Wake up now, we are laughed at across the globe and made fun of because of our selfish manner, our non-caring attitudes and more. Wake the hell up, shut down McConnell, shut down McCarthy, and others who care not about our safety, but only about themselves.

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