Should Trump be charged, Indicted and tried by a Court of law or allowed to walk freely?

In the world civilizations have come and gone over the ages. Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, American Indian Nations too have died or been killed off. Rome, the largest civilization and conquering nation in the world’s history even died, yes, the Roman Empire did go down in flames. So, I ask you after we watched Mussolini go down, Hitler go down in World War 2, we watched Stalin die off and more, is America about to be next?

Each and every country that had a leader who became autocratic, dictatorship, or totalitarian has gone done in one way or another including Castro’s Cuba in it’s own way. Is America next folks, as the Republicans blindly follow Trump in his big lie, and ignore plain facts and honest truth, to do so?

In history one mad leader, or bad leader has killed nations, empires and gotten their country ignored or made it irrelevant in history and world order. Here in America after 247 years of Democracy, and a Republic that works, we have Donald J. Trump the former, ex-president who has been impeached twice, is walking criminal empire king and has nose rings placed in McConnell’s and McCarthy’s noses and drags them and the republican party toward destruction and it’s ending. The Republicans are foolish, idiots and thinking Trump can save them in 2022 and 2024 and return them to power, it can’t and won’t happen and they should be waking up to that reality, soon enough.

Donald Trump led and caused an insurrection against his own government and country on January 6th, 2021, and it was televised for the whole world to see. Yet, the Republicans want to back him and believe and perpetuate his big lie that the election was stolen, it’s sad. Those saying it was tourist activity on the 6th of January 2021, were the ones helping to barricade themselves behind the Congressional Doors in the capital and now they cry it was a tour? Well if it was such a tourist attraction and tour please tell me why you cringed behind the doors and under the seats and wore gas masks and hid so well as the Capitol security Guards and police worked overtime to keep you from being hung? Officers died, people were hospitalized, property damaged, as the world watched on television and laughed at us all and we looked like assholes. That’s sad folks!

Donald J. Trump laughed as he watched it in television, he ignore Kevin McCarthy’s phone call when McCarthy told him to call it off for hours. Then when it finally did end he gave a speech condemning Trump in Congress it’s on television and in the record as is McConnell’s in the Senate Record. Neither can deny what they said that Trump was and should be held responsible for the insurrection and should answer for it. That was January 7th, and 8 th of 2021 folks in the Records of The House and Senate don’t believe me? Just ask the record to be publically read for those speeches and you will see.

Now we are in 2021 later, months have gone by, Biden is President, Harris is Vice President, and Donald Trump is gone to Mar a Lago, in Florida. Yet Donald J, Trump is still controlling the Republican party, tell me why please. He is under Investigation for illegal acts with his Trump Organization and should be under investigation for his acts as President in the Insurrection period! Yet, the Republicans say no to a impartial panel/ commission to investigate the acts on January 6th, 2021 at the Capital? Why? What are they afraid of, did they participate and help the insurrection and they are afraid of it, being exposed, for the world to see ?

What are McConnell, McCarthy and the Trump Loyalist scared of being exposed here? Did they encourage or participate in the acts on January 6th, 2021, did they justify it by their statements, and should they be investigated also? What is it with The Republicans who cowered in fear, in the basements and now deny what happened on January 6th doing, in denying the Commission and any investigation? Why deny facts and evidence and not find who really was the ones who caused it?

Trump flags, Trump hats, Trump people yelling screaming the election was stolen, storming the Capital and you call that a normal, tourist day? Just watch the videos folks, look at the people wearing the hats, carrying Trump flags, there is no denying why they were there or what for. Now, someone, the people of America must wake up here, charge Trump his accomplishes and let the dead police officers get justice, let America get paid for the damages that incurred and put away the leaders of the uprising and insurrection now. If it were you or me, we would be behind bars in an orange jumpsuit, staring at tv screens and sleeping on hard beds. Is Justice blind and fair or is justice controlled by Trump and his republican cronies? You Tell me all, Should Trump be charged, Indicted and tried by a Court of law or allowed to walk freely?

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