” We will only have a Republic as long as we, the American People keep it this way!”

Bucking the odds of life is what we all seem to do, some of us are successful at it and live longer than others and some of us suffer more and others less as we do so. Some of us beat the odds cancer throws at us because we catch it early enough and other do not. Life isa mystery folks we never know how long we shall live or what shall happen next moment to moment in life.

I bucked the odds as a child when I survived having Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity all at once. I bucked the odds when I fell off an apple tree and fractured both wrists, I bucked the odds when my step-father beat me. I bucked the odds in so many ways in life and here I am now 65.

I went on from all of it, and just kept going forward in life. I went on after dropping out of high school to go back and get my GED without studying. I went on to join the military in 1973 and then I moved on to stay in a total of 16 years, and get a Honorable under Medical Discharge. I survived a fall in the Navy and fought them for seven years to stay in. I survived a divorce and the loss of my two daughters and fought back to see them again and know them.

I survived it all and still achieved, by returning to college at 37 and graduating at 40, with a Associates degree in Hotel Management. I attained honors with a 3.7 out of .0 average and am a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Societies. I own awards for my performance in college too.

I remarried and attained as of September 2021 21 years of marriage and 28 years with the same woman. I survived Lung Cancer and take care of my wife who is breast cancer victim and a fall victim too. So yes I am a survivor!

Bucking the odds is something we all do, I am not alone I know that. The sad part is in life in America, people who do all I did and accomplished, they save their money, they worked hard for and paid off their homes and in the end the government wants to take them, if you ask for medical assistance of any kind. They want you to have less than 1,600 dollars in assets to get medicaid from the state and Uncle Sam gives no assistance at all, to the handicapped or ill. Why is that?

Congressmen and Women, Senators and Presidents, Justices all have medical coverage 100 percent, due to their positions and jobs. Yet Congress cannot pass a HealthCare for All Package and get done what Canada has done for it’s people for many decades? Why is that America?

Canada and other nations cover all their citizens for Healthcare why can’t America? Let me say this why can’t we as americans take care of our own ill, sick, terminally ill and citizens as a whole but they all can? Why don’t we just send a smart team of professional medical personnel, to Canada and other nations that have total coverage for all, learn how they do it, bring their programs back to America and incorporate or copy what we need, add to it all and get total coverage for all done? Why do our politicians not do this for all of us, yet run around with better coverage than most americans at all times, please explain that one Congress, House and senate and Leaders!

Yeah I know it’s bucking the odds to do so, and it’s costly to incorporate and adopt, but guess what, if Canada can do it and so can other nations why can’t the richest, most powerful nation, in the world do the same?

Tax the Billionaires, the Millionaires make them pay their fair share too!

One more rant for all, before I am done here, today. The Republicans don’t want to Investigate 1/6/2021 and the Insurrection at the Capitol at all, why? They don’t want the answers I guess, for fear of their party being ruined, their losing the midterm elections and the House and Senate and what may happen to the 2024 election for President too, I am sure. Let me ask this question then, Do you really think, you can win the midterms and the 2024 election for President, by backing Donald J. Trump a failure as President who was twice impeached, lies constantly, attacks anyone who disagrees with him and his ways, and is a fool? I remind all republicans and Americans, Trump lost the White House, he lost the Senate, he lost the House, Trump failed at everything he touched or tried to touch. No Wall, no stopping Iran or North Korea Nuke building, he didn’t bring back any jobs he promised to from overseas either. He was laughed out of the United Nations, he cried like a baby when he lost that election too and incited violence against his own country and our capital. This is the type of man the Republicans want to lead their party in 2022 and 2024 and they are going to keep repeating his lies and backing him, why?

In closing let me say this, America is not the America I grew up in anymore. In my youth this country was based on a we, we, we mentality and we were one for all and all for one. Today, America has become a me, me me. society, all mine and screw you, get your own. Is that where we are going Americans? If so we shall fail asa nation, asa society and we will destroy ourselves like Rome, like The Mayans, the Aztecs, The Indians, and yes like Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy and Japan too, in World War 2. Dictators, one person controlling a whole country or party, kills choice, kills debate, kills advancements and in the end discussions. It kills choice and that my friends is killing democracy and our republic as a whole. As Ben Franklin said and I quote after the Declaration of Independence was signed, ” We will only have a Republic as long as we the American People keep it this way!”

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