A Few Thoughts of Politics and News! Back Biden and lets get away from it all!

Some thoughts on the day so far as I watch CNN, and their morning sets or show. First, what the hell was trump’s administration and Justice department doing going after a reporter’s phone and email records and what was the basis for this action? The former Attorney General William Barr, had no business doing Trump’s bidding as Trump requested, he should have gone by the laws, he was the damn Attorney General of The United States. Barr was a corrupt sycophant of Trump’s from day one of his appointment. It is coming out slowly.

Second thought, Trump himself. While all who read my blogs or writings know I dislike Donald J. Trump and all his failures and his corrupt lifestyle period, I believe in law and the Constitution also. Television Stations such as CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and yes even FOX, need to stop covering Trump’s big lie story and giving it air time. By giving him airtime without any proof or facts, involved and mentioning him once or twice an hour you perpetuate his big lie and push it, unknowingly to all of your audience on television. Just stop covering it, unless it’s criminal or legal actions happening. His political lie, as to him winning the election in 2020 is just that a lie, let it die. Don’t feed this man’s lies and words to the american Public he is a twice Impeached. Ex-President, who is corrupt, period.

Next Subject the Republican Party rejecting any investigation or commission to do with the January 6th, 2021 Insurrection at the Capital. The Republicans are scared it will hurt and interfere in their attempt to win back the House and Senate in The Midterms and the Presidency in 2024, if they do it. Let me inform the Republican Party of something to consider here, your grasping on and holding onto to Trump, his corrupt Presidency and his corrupt lifestyle and his big lie is just making you look like idiots, assholes and fools. You can’t deny video evidence we all saw what happened on television, we all saw you Republicans and the democrats in The Senate and House barricading yourselves in the chambers while these people waving Trump Flags and wearing Red Maga hats stormed the place. Now you want to call it normal tourist activity at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, that’s just a lie in itself too. In the end, here is your problem Republicans, your placing all your bets on Trump leading you back to the land of promise and leadership, he can’t do it number one, and secondly he will be too busy covering his own ass, in court and law suits. Wake Up!

As New York and other states gather the evidence on Trump’s Organization and it’s corrupt ways and they come out slowly, the law gets closer to catching up to one of the most corrupt people in American History in my opinion. I remember when Trump first came down his escalator in Trump Tower saying he is running for President, I spoke to friends of mine who were from New York and knew him, they said and I quote Trump is the most horrible and corrupt person in New York and hated there. Now because he has a lot of fools giving him money, for what he calls a new campaign for president, which he will never run, the Republicans want his backing and permission to take a crap or pee, never mind anything else. It’s sad,a nd answer me this republicans how far away will you let Trump, drag the GOP from what it really is? For it is no longer the Grand Old Party of Lincoln, or Reagan, or any other Republican Icon of the past. It is now a party of Trumpism and corruption period and you all are attaching yourselves to that fully. To allow your party to fail, fall and follow Trump into the Abyss of Failure is sad, and says alot about the failure of McConnell and McCarthy as the Leaders of your party.

I can rant and rave about all of Trump’s failure and i can rant and rave at McConnell and McCarthy too, but it is a waste of time and breath really. for before either can fix anything, or move ahead or help the party they need to take their heads out of Trump’s ass, period. They must like the smell and warm feeling, I guess. Sad!!! Dump Trump and move on Republicans, he will never be President again and he more than likely, is going to jail or be charged and indicted anyway. I tire of the same old news about Trump, he is gone from The White House and as President, Back Biden and lets get away from it all!

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