Let’s make them Investigate, it’s our country we deserve the truth period!

Let’s take a look at the motivation, the reason behind The Big Lie Trump is pushing! The Big Lie The Republican Party is pushing these days. Let’s bring it to light for all Americans to see, no matter race, color, nationality!

The Republicans and Trump want all of America to believe Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, stole the 2020 election, if so please tell me exactly how folks? How is it possible for Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris and the Democrats to do this massive task and get away with it?

It can’t be done folks, no one can get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over 80 million votes across 50 states and the electoral college too, which voted also lopsided for Joe Biden, in this way and the numbers provided. Do people really believe this big lie? If so why?

What we are facing here, is a car salesman’s pitch from Donald J. Trump, that is as bad and wrong as when you bought your first car as a young man or woman. It is just done with a greater intensity and with a bigger platform is all. Trump has sold his brand and name for decades upon decades folks, he has his pitch down to an art for sure. Old car salesmen and women will tell you, highlight the glitz, the gold and hide the rust and the damage. It works and it did for Donald J. Trump, that’s how he became President in the first place in 2016. But once he became President, all the damages, lack of knowledge, lack of talent and lack of abilities began to show big time, under the bright lights.

So what did Trump the old salesman do next he reached and scraped and swore to do things he could never do. I will bring jobs back from overseas. failure. I will kill ObamaCare and make my own healthcare, failure. I will build a wall between us and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it, failure. I will stop Iran and North Korea from building Nukes, failure. Each thing Trump touched failed folks and hurt America’s standing in the world, he went to the United Nations they laughed him out, leaders of other nations made jokes about how dumb he is. Trump is not what his followers want him to be or think he is, he is a failure, a cheat, a salesman, and a grifter. It is what he does best folks and his only quality he has left, too.

Now The Republicans, believe or want to believe that if Trump remains the head of their party, it’s leader, they can win back the Senate and The House in 2022 and the White House in 2024, wrong they can’t! Secondly, are even the Republicans stupid enough or blind enough or just ignorant enough to believe America, it’s citizens are going to re-elect Trump as President again? I hope not, because if they do they are in for a big shock and surprise. It won’t happen!

A twice Impeached Ex-President is not the way to go Republicans if you want the Senate and House and White House back! Do you really think, Americans of all colors and races will vote for Trump in 2024? Or Vote for Republicans in 2022, who won’t even investigate the largest crime in America’s History, the attack and insurrection on our own capitol, fueled and incited by Trump? Be real!

I call for all Americans, no matter race, creed, color or nationality, to ignore Donald J. Trump’s lie. I call for all Americans to ask themselves one question, why would you believe Trump’s Lie, why would you allow him the attention to keep it going?

A Commission is needed to Investigate January 6th, 2021 and all that happened for the world to see on national and world television. Don’t you think the facts should come out, where did these MAGA Followers and Quannon Followers and Oathers come from and why were there there? What motivated them, spurned them on to attack our capitol and our Senate and House? Don’t we deserve to know and see who was behind it all on the public stage and in the light of day? I believe we do, that’s for sure!

Let’s get the facts, lets see, was it Donald J. Trump, was it his lawyer Giuliani, was it the Oathers, Quannon, was it MAGA based organizations and groups and who gave these people their marching orders? Why were they all there on January 6th, 2021 and how did they even know what date to show up in Washington?

Why did Giuliani tell them to fight, why did Trump tell them to march down the avenue to the capitol? It’s all on video as it happened folks, you can’t deny the facts!

Americans, do me a favor and yourselves one too, I don’t care what political party you back, who you back, or really why anymore, what I do care about is stopping what happened, from ever happening again in America! In the future we may have another Man or Woman who runs for the Presidency do the same damn thing and once more our democracy and republic will be at stake and next time we may lose it and face being under a dictatorship, is that what we want as Americans nowadays? You. Tell me America, do you like Freedom, Do you like Religious Choice, The Right of Law, Justice, and Prosperity and Peace? If so, then you need to ignore Trump, cast him aside, and get your Senators and Representatives to vote for a Commission and full Investigation of January 6th, 2021 and do it now. Call Your Senator, Your Representative make it known you want the truth, and you want it now. Let’s make them Investigate, it’s our country we deserve the truth period!

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