Ever wonder what kind of drugs these Republicans are on, I know I do!

I am very interested in what happened on 1/6/2021 and I think all Americans should be too. Sadly, sycophants area very poor choice to be following for anyone in America and those are exactly the ones following Donald J. Trump.

Someone who’s sycophantic goes overboard with compliments, usually to gain some kind of advantage. You see sycophantic behavior in Hollywood all the time, from red carpet interviews pouring flattery on movie stars to fawning autograph seekers. In the Political sense, these sycophantic individuals follow Donald J. Trump these days, and do as he says to get political and monetary things in return and of course his backing in any election campaign they may be in. Don’t believe it take a look around the Republican Party, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy for starters. Also look at Marjorie Green, Matt Gaetz and many others, sadly each wants Trump’s endorsement for 2022 and 2024 and believe Trump is something special and a great leader, all I can say to that is I want some of the drugs they are taking and using, because even under the use of such drugs I can never and will never believe in Trump or his ways!

Tell me please, Republican supporters of Trump and Trumpism and The Big Lie, why do you suck up to Trump, follow him blindly other than the reasons I have already mentioned above. Why is Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and others doing this and what do they think they will get out, of doing so? what’s the point to say and tell the American People that the best Leader you can find, to lead The Republican Party among you, if a twice impeached, disgraced, and illegal Ex-president who lost the white House, lost The Senate and House all in one election cycle? Are you Republicans serious here, or are you on drugs or drinking?

I rant on and on, I know, and many Republicans will say I know nothing. Fact is all we need to know, showed itself on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol of our country on national and international television for all to see. If you can’t admit it happened and react to it by creating a Bipartisan Commission to look at and investigate it, then you should not be an elected official, in these United States.

If your a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent Politician makes no difference to me/ I don’t care if you’re a Liberal, a Conservative or inbetween, if you can’t defend and protect our country and capital then you should not hold the office you are in as a senator or representative. Your not an American then in my book, your a damn Sycophant of Trump and his ways and your kissing Trump’s ass and keeping his Big Lie alive period! America was built on Truth, Justice, Peace, Honor, Religious Freedom and Laws and more, and we are losing it all to Trumpism and Donald J. Trump who basically tried to sell us to putin and Russia also. sadly, it’s true and so many american choose to wear blindfolds and just follow Trump down this road to the destruction of this country.

History shows folks, demagogues, dictators, single entities, running countries or nations fail and the countries go down and get destroyed. Ask The Romans, The Mayans, The Aztecs, The Peruvians and others. Look at the history folks, Hitler failed, The Emperor of Japan failed, Mussolini failed, Stalin failed. What Trump did was illegal, what he did was destructive, what he did was wrong, period. and now the Republican Party wants to do is allow Trump to do as he wishes and get away with all he did, on January 6th and leading up to and after it. Why? Why Republicans, tell us all why!

Trump lost the 2021 Presidential election, he lost the Senate and The House too. Now, he is crying wolf and claiming he was cheated out of a second term, tell me how folks, please. The numbers told the story, no President in American History ever cried so bad when they left the Oval Office and White House, lost, period is what he did.

Electoral Count official 306-232, same numbers he beat Hillary clinton with in 2016, did he cheat when he won Trump?

Popular Vote- 81,268,925 to 74,216,154. Difference of 7,052,771 votes.

Now tell me where you think Votes, were stolen, or cheated on? No, Election Recounts, are necessary here folks, the one in Arizona is a farce as will another one be too and a waste of money and time. By allowing them and doing them, the States are just allowing Trump’s Lie, to live on and perpetuating the crimes and lies.

Recent News show trump’s illegal ways, the investigations have begun, into Trump’s Organization, into his Presidency and his children and family too. The man is as corrupt as a damn Mafia Boss period and guilty as hell. Donald J. Trump belongs behind bars and in prison, and the Republicans want to use him as their leader for 2022 and 2024 elections? Ever wonder what kind of drugs these Republicans are on, I know I do!

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