Let’s start over with a fresh Republican Party !

What happened to bipartisan action in The Senate and House for the good of America and its citizens? What happened to all for one and one for all, that the Congress, White House and The American People count on for the good of the nation? Tell me folks where did it go?

When do the Republicans get back to working for you or I instead of themselves? When do they figure out and realize they are burning their own party, by backing Trump’s Big Lie?

I ramble on and on when it comes to this subject and I know it seems like I am being monotonous, but facts don’t lie. Mitch McConnell lies, Kevin McCarthy lies and they work only to try to recover the Leadership Positions in The House and Senate and to further their own views and ideas. The People of Kentucky who back McConnell and those of California’s 23rd District who back McCarthy need to vote both out of office, they care not for the citizens of this country, but only to further their own political views, at the expense, of all of us.

Let’s talk Donald J. Trump and his Big Lie bit he keeps sprouting. I have said numerous times now Trump lost the election by over 7 million popular votes and by an electoral college vote of 302-232, the differences alone should tell the american people he lost period, recounts are bullshit and just prolonging his big lie is all. No one stole an election, stuffed ballot boxes, altered counts, Trump was voted out because he sucked as President period. He failed at everything he tried to do, he didn’t keep one promise and in the end he cried so hard and loud when he got voted out, he caused an insurrection at the capitol destroying government property, frightening legislators in both houses too and for the world to see. Now, the Republicans won’t allow a commission to investigate and get the truth out as to who did it and why? Why are they protecting Donald J. Trump the largest grifter, and criminal to ever get elected President in american history, what’s their purpose in doing so?

If The Republicans can’t find a better candidate for president for 2024 or a better way to win back the House and Senate then trying to ride Trump’s coattails I would say they are in dire straits and in big trouble in America! Their party may as well close up it’s ranks and shut down as a whole, they have killed themselves, if they continue to follow Trump and Trumpism and his Big Lie!

What McConnell, McCarthy can’t do and they realize it, is put up anyone who can win in 2024, they have no stable, realistic, intelligent, Republican who can win at all. So they keep Trump as their front man, for their party. If I were a Republican and all my party could produce as a candidate for President in 2024 is Donald Trump a twice Impeached President in one four year term, I would leave the party than back that idea. If you back Trump, you are backing a criminal about to be charged with numerous crimes, stop and think about it! He can’t run again, he never will run again, why he can’t and won’t show his taxes, he is corrupt as hell and he knows it too. He is running for cover as his empire burns down around him and AGs, ready indictments and charges against him. Even Richard Nixon wasn’t charged for Watergate, but Trump will be charged in the Insurrection, and money laundering and corporate corruption and more soon. If there was even a man who was President who needed charged, indicted, convicted and imprisoned it is Donald J. Trump, he incited the whole riot/ insurrection against his own country he was running, who the hell does such things?

As time moves forward the charges and more against Trump will grow. His own people will crack and turn on him and even his own sons and daughter will be charged too. Jared Kushner needs charged to in my opinion he was a fake and a phoney who lied boldly to all of us. as I write this, I say what I say because I have freedom of speech in America and it is my opinion and what I think, period. Facts don’t lie folks, I saw the Trump Flags, the Red Maga Hats, heard them chanting Trump’s name at the capitol and all of it was on public television while Trump sat in the White House and watched gleeful like a kid playing a game and did nothing to stop any of it for hours. That alone he should be charged for, his inaction and unwillingness to stop it proves it alone and in and of itself.

The Republicans, won’t allow a Commission to investigate and learn the truth of the January 6th, insurrection. They fear what will come out and how bad it will destroy their party for the midterms and 2024. You want to change the Republican’s minds, well then, show the facts, make them pay for what happened now and in the midterms, vote all of them out who backed Trump’s Big Lie and let’s start over with a fresh Republican Party with real conservatives and real men and women, not Maga followers.

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