Trump is worse than Richard Nixon was and both were produced by and promoted by the Republicans.

The Former Republican Chairman Michael Steele is correct in his latest tweet on Twitter. I quote “The fracture within the Republican Party is not the biggest issue in American politics today. But it is significant in highlighting what is: the battle to preserve, protect and defend American democracy.” It is a fact folks, democracy is at stake, and the republic as a whole.

As Donald J. Trump hides in Mar a Lago and runs the Republican Party from his new home, of which the town it is in, has told him he can’t stay, the situation in america gets more tedious and scarey due to his pushing his big lie about 2020. His followers from Qanoon, The Oathers and Maga keep pressing his lie and repeating it and destroying the countries foundation of democracy. It eradicates and destroys the beliefs this country was born from and the Constitution was written for.

I wish to God, someone would come along who had the guts to stand up to Trump, show the world how big a phoney and fool he is and just arrest him. He is corrupt in his businesses, he is being investigated by New York as a state, he is being Investigated by numerous congressional committees and more. He Incited an insurrection against the same country and government he was supposed to be leading and yet he walks free and doesn’t get investigated or charged so far, that is letting one man defy the law, and I always believed no one was above the law in america! Isn’t America a land of laws, democracy and a republic of which we have freedoms we cherish and protect for all?

George Washington, the father of the country and our first President, stepped aside after eight years, because he didn’t want to be a King or Dictator of America. The laws were changed to only eight years as President after Roosevelt served three terms in office and he got us through the worst times in American and World History. Eight Years are max, for any President now.

What would Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Lincoln, Reagan and Kennedy think of what Donald J. Trump did as President in inciting the insurrection?

Patriots all of them, would not only frown on what Trump did they would have run him out of office sooner. Donald J. Trump to me is is equal to Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary War, a traitor to America. If Washington, Adams or Jefferson, had seen it and witnessed it, Trump would have been tarred and feathered, tied to a rail and hauled out of Washington and branded a traitor and hung in the end!

Of that I have no doubt ladies and gentlemen, his actions, in allowing Putin and Russia to do as they please, his failures in office in foreign affairs. his being laughed out of the United Nations and Europe, all of it showed an incompetence, beyond compare.

Donald J. Trump was a failure in all areas as President, then he loses the 2020 Election by the same margin in the electoral college as he beat Clinton by and by over seven million in the popular vote, and cries and says the election was stolen?

What kind of President cries when they lose an election so loudly? I remind all Al Gore lost the closest election in American History to George W. Bush and he stepped aside, for the good of the country, so who believes Trump’s lie, not me for sure. What I see is a grown man’s body filled by a spoiled child who can’t give up and let go and deal with his lose like a man should!

If Donald J. Trump was a normal american and a normal man in character, personality, responsibility, he would stop his constant lying, shut up, step aside and leave the Republican Party. If The Republican Party had a brain and a person they could put up for a candidate for President in 2024, they would do so. Instead of looking for a decent person to run for the office of President in 2024 and a leader to help them in 2022’s midterms, they cling to Donald J. Trump’s coattails and beg him for help? This is the saddest story in Republican History, period!

You can’t follow a narcissistic personality, that served one failure of a Presidential Term and was Impeached twice in that one term, plus failed at everything he touched or did and expect to win in 2022 or 2024, if you do, I think even the Republicans will begin to understand this is not the way to recover the House or Senate or White House! It won’t work Republicans!

This country was built on two of more opposing parties, based on liberal and conservative principles running it. And those two principals, should be contrary to each other so a compromise can be found between them to make the country equal and fair to all who reside in it. Seems the Republican Party has lost its way and may never come back now, Trumpism is not Conservatism, nor ir it the Republican way!

Sadly, America will falter without the two opposing parties coming together to debate, and compromise on how to run the country and agree in the middle for all Americans. So tell me Republicans what happened to the Grand Old Party of Lincoln, Reagan, Bush, and Nixon even, where have you gone?

Let me close with this for all Republicans to understand what I am saying here, The Republican Party has lost itself following Trump and his Trumpish tactics and ideas! Trump lost, face the facts the numbers don’t lie, stop the stupid waste of money and time for recounts and audits. Stop spreading the Big Lie of Election Fraud and stealing of the election, it didn’t happen! What did happen was a President failed to accomplish a damn thing, he failed in all areas he entered into for four years, he failed as a man, leader and a human being too.

You produced as a Party the worst President in American History and the most corrupt one ever, Trump is worse than Richard Nixon was and both were produced by and promoted by the Republicans. At least Nixon had the brains and guts and heart to step aside and shut up and disappear after he was gone, Trump doesn’t even have the moxie and brains to do that! That is what you produced Republicans, you will will pay a price for that you have done and produced. Trump will pull you to the pits and destroy not only your party, but your parties future too, if you let him, he doesn’t care about you!

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