It is called Memorial Day for a reason folks!

Since my earliest days, I have always admired Military Men and Women in the United States for that which they did, for our country and always will. As I grew up I received as a gift my step-dad’s Ike Jacket from his time in the service during the Korean War where he served as a Helicopter Mechanic. I wore it for many years as a young boy, I loved it, the feel of it and the design.

I grew up believing in freedom, the american way, our liberties and the way we always have protected our homeland and our people.

From our earliest time as a country before the Revolutionary War, Men and Women have defended our land, our beliefs and our right to our freedoms. As I grew up, I became one myself serving in three different branches myself, The U. S. Army, The National Guard of Connecticut and in the end the U.S. Navy. I am proud of my time in service I did my duty and gave my time and body and energy to protect and preserve the land and country I love. I didn’t serve for me, I served to protect and defend the ones I loved back home and the principles and what we all believe in here, in America.

This is Memorial Day Weekend folks, when you go down the street, stop and think, how free you are to do so, how free you are to make your own choices and decisions, on religion, politics, and so much more. Then stop for one second and think of all the men and women who gave their all, for you to keep those freedoms and choices, for you.

Think of the Men and Women of The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, both World Wars, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars, who served and died for the rights you have today and to help preserve and defend the freedoms of others too.

They lay in the grounds of Military cemeteries all across these United States and the World, having given their lives for you to have the right, to, live yours, today. What made them do it folks, yes I know of the Drafts I know of the Orders, but they didn’t burn their draft cards or pay doctors for excuses, or run the other way. they went, served and died, for we what we all believe in, Freedom and Service to our land of the free.

Across America, Military families and servicemen and women, will observe Memorial day by picnics and barbecues and beer and drink and eat happily. They will enjoy the weekend and day off and not even think twice about why they have this day or weekend each year. Many don’t even think twice about it all and just enjoy and say or do nothing to honor the dead who served. I hope many today can stop and think about it and remember those who have fallen and remember why. I know we are all busy with life and everyday problems, yet, I stop and think of it each year and why we are still here and free. I am a Disabled Veteran who did 16 years, I am proud of my service.

I wake up each day in pain from back and neck injuries and say not a word, I stagger and walk with a limp at times, my arms don’t work as they used to when I was younger. I don’t mind, I go quiet when the pains start and just try to hide and relax from stress. I survived lung cancer after my service time also and I take care of a cancer ridden wife, who has had brain bleeds and more. Yet each day I wake up and my first thought isn’t about how I feel, or if I hurt or am in pain, it is about the woman I love and whether she will survive another day or not.

I have a home, and two vehicles, two cats and more, and I can honestly say, a house is not a home without someone to share it with period. I can also say, I am never ashamed of my service time, I have a DD-214 that says Honorable Discharge on it and the US Military and Veterans Administration will bury me when I die among those who served also.

I only want all who celebrate Memorial day to remember those who gave all or even those who gave some, for without them, we would not be free and here today! So, when you drive by a cemetary and see waving flags over graves, or see a parade of Veterans coming down a street, stop for a moment and think of those who gave all or some, for you to be free and have fun! Take a moment, a minute to say Thank You, Take a second to say Thank You to those who served before and survived and those who serve today also.

It is called Memorial Day for a reason folks, we need to remember those who gave all and those who gave some, those who sacrificed their lives and time to defend and protect you and me and all we be! It matters not what color, what creed, what race or what place they were from, they gave all for you and me and to keep America free, say thank you and remember them all, it is the least you can do, to be respectful and thankful.

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