Do Humanity a favor !

Since the dawn of man on planet earth. we have been taking from the planet, withdrawing all we can to survive as a species ourselves, and doing very little to think about, how much we take. The planet earth has tried to adjust slowly itself over time, finding new ways to create minerals, water reservoirs and more in a natural way and creating oxygen for all of us to breath as we expel carbon dioxide in return. Our waste from our bodies get deposited and builds up slowly taking it’s time to decompose over time. We dig mines and take coal, diamonds and precious minerals and jewels from a planet that can only create them over time. We deplete the planet we live on, without a second thought, as to how it can, replenish itself.

I bring this up because of severe weather changes that are occuring at this time in this world, we live on. Weather systems are shifting, where places were warm and dry are now becoming wet and cold, rains fall in places where they really haven’t before and patterns change in our climate at a great rate. The planet is adjusting itself and mother nature and father time, are going in step to the planets, needs, for it to survive, not necessarily, humanity. We have ignored climate changes, disappearing minerals and resources long enough and produced more humans than ever before, on a planet that can only support so many, and keep the delicate balance it needs, to keep going.

Does mankind, yes us humans, do we really believe mother earth as a planet can continue to keep up, with us abusing and taking from it, all we do, at the great rates, we are doing so? Does mankind realize that even the planet we live on, has a finite existence, like we do, as a species, too. If you don’t get it ladies and gentlemen and understand what I am saying, than you have a real problem, if you don’t believe me, look at Mars, look at the other planets out there, none have life around us, why is that?

The photos and scientific data from Mars shows that at one time there was water on Mars and very possibly life there too. But, the distance between planets and spheres which can support life like ours, humanity, is unknown folks. At some point we must all come to realize, planet earth is a rare gem in nature and time and space, if we don’t replenish it, help it survive and stop using it up, it will be like Mars, a dead world soon enough. Then, the question becomes where can mankind go and how do we get there and can we seed a new planet to support our type of life? And how do you move an overpopulated, over peopled, planetful, to a new world or planet, to keep humanity alive?

It takes fuel to move spaceships folks, it takes time to build them, it takes space exploration to even find a place to move humanity to and time to do so! Shouldn’t mankind as a species, be worried about this more than politics, wars or differences between countries or religions? Shouldn’t mankind find a way, that all humanity can work as one, to find a new world, to support human life? Or are we too blinded by petty differences, in languages, politics and religions to stop and realize this? Or are we as a species, too blinded, by greed and the need to be number one, that we don’t get it, that we are all in this together, on one planet, and destroying it faster, than we can ever replenish it, or it can heal and replenish itself? Mankind is killing the world, the planet it lives upon and not thinking twice about it, nor are we thinking about where we can go or survive next as a species! That is a fact, we all must face!

No I am not a doomsayer, no I am not depressed, no I am not mentally unbalanced or ill. I am facing facts that all humanity must face soon, or we shall have no world and no way to survive as a species period. Yes I know I will hear from many I am crazy, I don’t know what I am talking about, this is a made up story, etc! In fact folks look around, as gas prices climb, oil prices climb, we seek other sources for power, water becomes shorter in supply and minerals and food growth slows due to weather patterns and more, the playfulness that planet earth has given mankind is slowly but surely diminishing.

At some point mankind must slow down, save resources, save minerals, save oxygen and plant more to create more. At some point mankind must stop multiplying as a race and give some thought to how many there are on the planet and realize we are overpopulated as a planet as it is now. Many thoughts, and reasons go into what I am saying here folks, the only real question is, will mankind have time to make the adjustments necessary to save planet earth and itself or will time run out, on all of us and the planet, we live on too?

We found Mars folks, we even reached out that far looking, searching. In doing so we have found a husk of a planet, that maybe ,at one time supported life of some kind, but, to live there we must live under domes, and create oxygen and live in bubbles and learn to create planets and animals and food there too. If Mars is not our answer in the future, what is folks,, where do we go, when we finish depleting Mother Earth’s resources and she can give us no more? What does mankind do next, is my question folks?

Climate change we blame on shifting weather patterns, on winds, and the earth and sun and the moon’s places in orbits and say mother nature is in charge. But climate change is real, look around see the patterns changing, feel the temperatures as they change, rain falls shift, snow falls shift, the polar points melt slowly and fall apart and sea waters rise. We continue to burn fuels, gases rise, our atmosphere is polluted, damaged by it all, on each layer, and our protection against the reaches of space itself, can disappear over time, due to it all.

I admire scientist, professors and even doctors, but even they can not think or produce solutions to these problems, that will face mankind soon enough, unless mankind learns to slow down, preserve and protect the planet and its atmosphere and help one another to reach out, for a place to go.

Do Humanity a favor, preserve, protect, replenish Mother Earth, and work together to find anew place to go!

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