The demise of the Republican Party in America!

I have tried and been many things in my life. I have been the boy no one wanted and many hated because I was shy and introverted and then stayed alone. I have been the teenager, who was awkward and shy around girls and who was chased by them. I have been the one who stayed alone because i was afraid to ask someone out. I have been the unwanted one in High School and the one that failed to complete it.

I have been the one who ran from pain and anger and ran to work and then, the service when jobs disappeared. I served my country, gave my all, gave of body, mind and soul and still got hurt and harmed in an accident, serving Uncle Sam.

I have been a Husband twice, a father twice, owned two dogs, and many homes over my years. I have Two Real Granddaughters, two real grandsons, two step grandchildren too. everything has been in twos and I was born a second child, who had to overcome all of the above, including hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder too. So yes I have seen many things in life, cancer, in many in my family before me, cancer in my own life and survived it, six herniated discs in my spine, watched parents die from cancer and my second wife doing the same. But, at some point inlife I do get tired of phonies, liars and people who mistreat, harm or try to harm America.

I served Uncle Sam, not for me, but for those I loved, sadly some ran from doing so, they evaded the draft or did not volunteer, they hid, protected by family. Not only did Donald Trump lie about bunions on his feet and avoid the draft at least twice maybe three times, but he lies about his entire life. His Daddy paid a Doctor to keep him out of the service, that’s why he never served.

Donald Trump lied about how he got his fortune and made it, calling himself a self-made millionaire over the years. His Daddy gave him well over 7 million when he died. He lied about his taxes, he lied about how he ran his businesses, he lied and cheated contractors and paid them pennies on the dollar and even sold his name to others. Donald J. Trump is a liar, a thief and in the end a grifter and con man. It’s well known, just too many are scared to say it publically and ask him about it all, they avoid it.

Donald J. Trump grew up spoiled rotten, given anything he wanted and handed the world. Sadly, he is still that spoiled child he always was and won’t grow up at all. Yes he grew up and won the Presidency, but he cheated his way in. There is no doubt of that for sure.

He failed as President at everything he touched or did. He failed at The United Nations they laughed him out and he never returned. He failed in North Korea and in Iran and Iraq too. The Russian, President Putin controlled Trump, laughed at him and ignored him, left and right. Failures all of it.

He promised to bring jobs back from overseas!. He failed to build his wall on the U.S./ Mexico border. The Mexicans told him where to go when he said they would pay for it. Failure! He failed to distribute the vaccine for covid-19 and had no plan to do so. People died on his watch from a virus he could have helped prevent.

He failed at so many things, except one, he is grifter and cult leader and convincing in that capacity only. He stirred up The Oathers, Qanonn, and his Maga Supporters and incited a riot and attack on his own Capitol he was supposed to defend and protect. Explain that Trump Followers and Maga Folks!

He lost not only the 2020 Presidential Election by the same numbers in the Electoral College that he won it by, but lost the Popular Vote also by well over 7 million votes too. Plus he lost The Senate and House too.

Then, he had the audacity to stand at a podium in Washington, DC and direct his followers to go down to The Capitol and attack it, and take it over. Saying he won an election he was nowhere near winning, period. He told these people to go stop the certification of the votes and electoral college votes too, because he wanted to stay as President, no other reason.

Biden beat Trumps ass in every way, it’s bold, true and the fact. He refuses to acknowledge it and keeps pressing his Big Lie and wants to keep his Maga Followers, Oathers and Qanoon all worked up and anger and spouting it. He thinks and has made the Republican Party believe they can’t win without him in 2022 and 2024. It’s a bunch of bullshit, by people who are afraid of Trump, because he has a big bull horn as an Ex-President period. Stop buying it folks, stop being blind loyal followers of a man who is a liar/ grifter and yes a criminal.

As we go forward in time, charges will come against Donald Trump at some point, of course he may weasel out of them by lawyers and money. Let me ask this though, who wants a twice impeached Ex_president who lost by wider margins then he won, re- elected and why? What do you think Donald J. Trump can do for America that no one else can? Why back him amd push his big lie? What’s the purpose folks?

He promised Health Care for all and killed Obama-Care, why does he hate Obama so much? Well let’s face some facts, there was a public speech President Obama gave, before Donald J. Trump announced his run for the presidency. President Obama, made jokes regarding Trump at that speech, meeting, conference or whatever it was. As you watch it and it was recorded, you can see Trump’s anger build and it was at that point he decided to run for President, not because he wanted to help America, but because he wanted to prove Obama, wrong.

As we go Forward under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and we get healthier due to them getting the vaccines out for Covid-19, America slowly tries to return to pre- Trump times.

The Republicans refuse to drop Trump, they fear his propaganda machine and his money making schemes, too. They think if they stick with Trump they will keep his MAGA Backers, his Oathers and Qanoon followers in line and get their votes in 2022 and 2014. They think, well 2020, was a big turn out and we can use that base to win again. I doubt it folks, the Republicans are not the same party they were before and shall never be.

They are now the Deniers, the Phonies and Naysayers, and Trumpers, who care for nothing except their own selves and staying in office. They deny the truth of Trump’s loss, they spread the Big Lie Trump put out and they protect Trump, from any committees or Investigations of 1/6/2020. That my friends will be the demise of the Republican Party in America!

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