Protect America, don’t let it fall!

As 2021 goes forward, it looks like history is finally about to catch up with the American dream of a Republic running under a Democracy. We will never learn in America, to care for what we have and what is the best thing ever created, American Freedom.

Like all civilizations throughout history, America has reached it peak it seems and now is destroying itself, like all the great civilizations in history, have. The Aztecs, the Incas, the Romans, even the Vikings, had enough common sense to try to preserve themselves, they failed, but did, try.

Sadly, America has allowed itself to be defeated from within, or at least, began its own downfall, from within itself. Sometimes in America, we are like they say, we can’t see beyond the end of our own noses, and we spite ourselves. Sadly, that is what has happened in America, the country is following Trumpism and destroying itself doing so. Election laws, idiots are playing with, and destroying the way we elect and pick our officials. Trump is GOD to the Republicans. They fear him so bad they will contort and destroy themselves to please him! In the meantime they are controlling and destroying American Democracy and the Republic we, live under.

Somethings need full investigation also, here. #1- What happened on 1/6/2021 and who was behind it? #2 What is the best way to avoid another insurrection and riot at our capitol? #3 Investigate Donald J. Trump’s actions or lack of actions on 1/6/21 also and why it took so long to break out the National Guard and Troops?

Once you Investigate those items lets see just who Quanon is and what their real plan for America is? Lets find out who sent The Oathers, Quanon, and Maga people to attack our capitol and how that was communicated and pushed to happen.

Then, let’s ask some other questions, like, Why did Trump bow to Putin constantly and go along with him on all points? What happened to Lindsey Graham in Russia, when he went there? What happened to Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy, and why did they change suddenly to Trump full time supporters and backers after 1/6/21, when they both condemned Trump and put the blame for it all where it belonged on him? Ever wonder how come they changed and how and why, let’s find out! Questions need answered here folks and they can’t get answered unless, we the people, make it happen.

I submit and tell all here and now, why are Trump Lawyers and an Ex-Lieutenant General running around spreading the big Trump Lie, and calling for insurrection and more violence and a Trump take over and coup of our American Government and getting away with doing it? Flynn should lose all Military Benefits and any Pension from the Military for doing so and Powell should be arrested for pushing lies and inciting violence. The American Military system should not be giving Flynn his benefits in anyway, he is guilty of Treason and more.

Each civilization that has crumbled or burned to the ground in history has had one leader or another of the same type as Donald J. Trump, crazy, mad and dangerous who have driven them to ruin and destroyed them. The Aztecs. The Incas, the Romans and yes even the Germans made the major mistake of following one mad man’s wishes and ways and destroyed them. Don’t let Trump Destroy Democracy, Don’t let him destroy the Republic and don’t let him put you or anyone else under his constant rule for his lifetime. We have as George Washington said when he left Office as President no reason for ope man to be King in America, that is why he left Office after two terms period! He knew and did not want to see an American King or Dictator, we shouldn’t want it either.

Fight Back, demand Investigations of 1/6/21/ of Donald J. Trump, of Lindsey Graham, of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy! Lets demand the answers, get the truth of all that has happened, let’s get the answers legally and by committees or Investigations of major proportions. It’s our country, our way of life and our freedoms at stake here folks. You like having a voice in your Government, you like having the right to Vote, or choose your religion, or Freedom of Speech, and having a Justice system? Then fight back, demand the truth, get the answers, and lets stop the Big Lie, Let’s stop the attack on America that is occurring from within, by Trump and his supporters!

Demand answers, call your senators, call your Congressmen and Women, call for action, call for honesty, call for truth and save the Democracy and The Republic called The United States of America! Protect America, don’t let it fall!

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