Whatever happened to the real GOP!

Some words become very apparent and obvious when describing Donald J. Trump! The First is Narcissist, he is one in all ways. The second is Delusional!

Donald J. Trump is lost in a world all his own folks. There is no reinstating him as President to ever, happen.

Secondly, Donald J. Trump lost said 2020 Election by the exact same margin in the Electoral college in 2020’s election that he won by in the 2016 election. But lost the Popular vote by over seven million votes, also. It is totally ridiculous to think the election was stolen from him or he was cheated out of a second term. Impossible to do in America, this is not some banana republic, here.

This campaign by Trump to push his Big Lie, of Election Fraud is just pure childish actions, by a full grown man, who lost and can’t accept the facts. It is apparent to anyone with a brain, the constitution does not support a reinstatement, and there is no grounds for any of his recounts, or election fraud claims. He Lost The White House, He Lost The Senate and The House too, period.

Now why can’t he accept it and move on? Why is he out to destroy America and it’s Voting System and style of Government and our place on the world stage, should be the question.

America is now 46 President’s deep into it’s system and never once in American History has a President, with the exception of Donald J. Trump been pety enough, childish enough, narcissistic enough or so full of themselves, not to accept a loss!

It has happened now and is being done by Donald J. Trump. America’s status in the world has been harmed, our position of power depleted, and our own allies, wonder what the hell is going on in America. Why is Trump allowed to push these false statements and accusations of election fraud and get away with it?

Donald Trump made many promises when he ran in 2015 to win in 2016 and not a one did he ever keep folks. Yet, he wants to attack President Biden and Biden’s plans for America now. Sadly, he has no grounds to stand upon at all, himself.

Trump failed at everything he promised to do. He promised to bring jobs back from overseas, Not one returned. He promised to replace ObamaCare with Trump care, nope. He went to the UN and got laughed at. Pulled us out of the Paris Accords and laughs at climate change and refuses to admit it. Sadly he did nothing proper or important for America, except throw us into turmoil and pain.

Twice Impeached in one term, He led an Insurrection against his own government, is responsible for the deaths of at least 5 or more deaths at the capitol riot of 1/6/21, sat in the White House and watched it all happen, gleeful like a child. Did nothing while it happened and hasn’t answered for it yet, what’s wrong with this picture folks?

Each time Donald J. Trump is given a public podium, or platform he hammers away at your rights, your constitution and our laws! Our ways of life and what we based America on. Is that what you want Americans to be put into a Autocratic or Communist State?

Do you want voting restricted because of color, or religion or any other thing he can make up? He is trying to change your right to Vote folks? Why? So he can try to get The Presidency back and hand the country to Putin, he kissed Putin’s ass all along. sadly, it’s true.

Do you really want states to tell you you can’t vote at certain hours on Sunday, or you can’t take people to vote, who need rides? Come on folks, we all have a right to vote regardless of color, race, nationality, creed, or how we get to the polls, don’t we?

Trump is on a tour, still screaming election fraud, going on six months after he lost, explain that one! Listen to him when he talks and he sounds like he is from the Twilight Zone or Outer limits and people buy his crap, I am amazed people are not educated in America enough to catch on to it all, being a grift! He takes your contributions and using them as he pleases and is having fun toying with your minds is all folks. Wake Up.

He failed building his wall, he failed in having Mexico pay for it, he failed in North Korea, He Failed with Putin and Russia, he failed in Iran and Iraq too. He lost The White House, The Senate and The House too. Are you people really backing a twice Impeached President for another run in 2024?

Anyone backing Trump should wake up soon enough, He needs banned from any public platform and social media period. All should follow FaceBooks and Twitter’s examples, this man is a danger to the country, it’s fundations, the constitution and you and me and himself. The New Channels like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC and others should all drop coverage of this man, we are tired of hearing his lies.

He lives in a delusional world where he thinks he is King of America and the Republican Party and all must kneel at his feet and kiss his ass, it’s sad.

Whatever happened to the real GOP! The Grand Ole Party has lost itself, in Trump’s rhetoric and lies and are blind to the effects on all of them.

It is sad as hell!

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