To all News Agencies like CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and NBC, and all national media broadcasters

As time goes on in America and the world, America faces some big decisions and it seems to me as a Veteran, who is disabled and can’t work even, if I wanted to, the problems are growing, the difficulties are getting harder, to overcome.

America is supposed to be the greatest, most powerful nation in the world, we are failing at that in so many ways, here at home and abroad and around the world. we are supposed to be the leader in Military strength, in Scientific knowledge, in morals, principles and ethics and more. We are supposed to be proud, stand tall and defend our way of life and government we believe in. Yet, we have a circus act, from a former President, who lost his attempt to be Re-elected, who failed at everything he tried to do and so much more and then incited a insurrection at our own capitol and a riot that killed at least 5 people, maybe, more.

This same ex-President, Donald J. Trump refused to concede, and speaks across America about how he was cheated out of winning. The Big Lie as all News Agencies now call it, that he preaches, is working overtime, to divide Americans and to destroy the country we love and live in. It’s a sad state of affairs and no President in American History has ever committed these crimes against this country, or acted in such a childish way.

You Lost Donald J. Trump, you lost by over seven million votes, by an electoral college vote of 306 to 232, the same margin you won by for 2016. So why cry and try to get back in office again, there is no way you can be reinstated in anyway, our laws and constitution does not allow it, in anyway.

Answer me this Trump supporters if you can. What did Donald J. Trump actually accomplish as President? He failed to bring jobs back from overseas that he promised to do when he started running, He failed in North Korea and with Kim Jung Un, they are still building nukes, Iran the same, He pulled us from The Paris Accord on Climate Control, he failed at all he touched, he stated he will kill Obama Care, failed and said he would replace it with a Trump care, failed. He got laughed at in The United Nations and over seas by leaders of other nations. What did Trump do, that you Trumpers, Maga Supporters, Qanon, and Oathers, see that was, so good? And you need to show proof of it folks, too!

He swore up and down, Trump said and I quote, “I am going to build a wall between us and Mexico and Mexico will pay for it!.” The Mexicans told him no, the wall is unbuilt and Trump is gone, period. Failure!

Now before I go any further on Trump’s failures as President, lets talk his behavior period. He is a narcissist, he is a liar, he acts like a five year old in a playground in a childish fight! Proof of his behavior as a spoiled child is everywhere, go back to his campaign for President in 2015 and 16. As he is debating Hillary Clinton on National Television, HIllary told him right to his face, ” Your a Putin Puppet!” Trump’s reply made me laugh loudly, “I am not a puppet you are the puppet!” He went on for a good two minutes saying it over and over, like a 5 year old kid in a playground fight. Explain that, please, folks!

He failed in so many ways as President, his popularity was the lowest in America History and his rating as a President is on the bottom of the barrell. Now, we have to listen to him trying to undermine and turnover the most legitimate and legal and secure Presidential election in American History? Come off it will you people wake up!

He travels America on the dime of his supporters screaming Election Fraud, taking and bilking his supporters of millions, saying it is for his re-election campaign. I can tell you this and it is common sense and logic too, I would never send a penny to Trump or his people, secondly I will never listen to him speaking, or attend a rally of his either. The man is a liar, a cry baby and in the end a grifter and criminal in so many ways. This man wanted people to drink or inject bleach into their bodies to fight Covid-19 and said so, on National Television!

No one should Vote for Donald J. Trump, he bribed other countries, he lied about his own actions, he tried to derail investigations into his campaign and more. He was twice Impeached in one term as President folks , one four year term! No President in American History has ever been Impeached Twice in one four year term, Trump was! Why is that, you tell me Trumpers, Oathers and Qanoon! Explain it people, please!

The longer Trump keeps his Big Lie alive and people back it, the worst American Democracy erodes and falls apart and the Republic. He is eroding the foundations of Democracy and Our Republic. It has to stop, or America will go down the tubes, like many great nations in the past.

I love America, I served her for 16 Years, I believe in Democracy, I believe in the Republic, I also believe in a two party or more political system. I do not believe in an Autocratic, Dictatorship, or Communist system, where one man decides all, stays in power just because they want to and the people has no right to vote or choose! I like my religious freedom, my freedom of speech, my right to bear arms, I like a land of justice and laws that all must follow. So why, are these Maga, Oathers and Qanoon people following a man, who is destroying your rights, to all of the above, tell me!

I believe in Equal Justice for all, no matter creed, nationality, color or faith! Trump doesn’t folks, he wants to be in power and have it his way like a five year old so he keeps his lie alive and throws tantrums. Don’t buy it folks, he is a loser in all ways, Dump Trump.

As Trump’s phoney empire starts to crumble, his businesses failed too. He had Trump water, Trump Steaks and so much more even Trump College Programs that were scams, it sad anyone, can believe in him, at all.

I think, we the American People, need to pull any pension or healthcare or support from Trump and take away all benefits he got from being President. He didn’t do the job, he failed at all he touched and then incited an insurrection/ riot on our own capitol and stood by and watched it on television gleeful like a child. He didn’t react and almost got his own Vice President hung on the front lawn. Think about it folks, is this the kind of President you want in 2024, or is this the type of man you want to listen to? I sure as hell hope not, America is so much more and better than this, in all ways!.

To all News Agencies like CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and NBC, and all national media broadcasters who do News and Politics, take Trump off your air! Ban him, ignore him, unless it is for something good or to report vital information only. Ignore his lies! Don’t give him air time, let him fade and disappear, period.

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