That will be Donald J. Trump’s Legacy !

When I was young in the 1960’s, Marvel Comics, used to have a series called What If? It was interesting because they would talk and write stories, of established characters they develop and what if they made different decisions. Now, Stan Lee, who created most of the characters in the Marvel Universe had a great imagination and artistic ability also, I would get lost in his stories and characters too. Mr. Stan Lee passed a while back, but his characters and storylines have hit the big time movie screens across America and the world making billions.

I grew up in simpler times, the 1960s were so different then now. we didn’t have huge drug problems, racial battles on the streets, political corruption like we do now and if we did it was done in such a way to keep it low key. I was born under Ike, yes Eisenhower who warned America against the Military Mighty Machine he once led. I followed President Kennedy as a kid, JFk had charm, wit, brains and guts, in my book, he stood up to Russia and Castro and he launched us on a path to the moon and more. Now Kennedy was assassinated and LBJ took over. Lyndon Baines Johnson made mistakes and in the end he completed Kennedy’s term and had one of his own period. He did not run for a second term in the end, but he at least had his civil rights bills and passage of them helping all live a better more united life.

By the end of Johnson’s term as President, we had Richard M. Nixon next. Nixon had run against Kennedy and lost, but came back in 1968. Nixon was elected twice to the Presidency, but in the end Nixon destroyed himself. He decided he was going to do things his own way and gather information on his enemies and political people he didn’t like. He got caught and we ended up in The Watergate Mess, which became the biggest mess in american Political history since Andrew Johnson was Impeached and beat it. The difference is Nixon had the foresight and brains to step aside for the good of America, The Republic and Democracy in the world. Richard M. Nixon accomplished much in his time in office, from our withdrawal from Vietnam to taking us off the gold in one area and paid the price, taking us off the gold standard and opening up relations with China and Russia. While he screwed up in one way he also did much good. He faded from existence after Watergate, for the good of the country.

I have lived thru many Presidents now I am 65 going on 66 in January of 2022 if I make it that far. God willing of course. From Nixon we moved on thru the years Gerald Ford took over and he did what he could to maintain the equilibrium of the country. Jimmy Carter led next and did all he could to warn us of energy losses, and oil losses and to lead us in a general good direction, he wasn’t perfect for sure, but he was a good man and still is today.

From Jimmy Carter we went on as a country and we got Ronald Reagan. President Reagan stood tall, and got two terms which in the end, the final one was run by his wife Nancy mostly. I served under three Presidents, Carter, Reagan and GHWBush. I did my duty and was discharged Honorably under Medical conditions and have 5 Honorable Discharges to prove it too. Reagan was a show of force and he did what he could, to keep democracy strong as he went along. Now, GHW Bush, was a negotiator and politician who believed in peace and avoiding wars. He did not get a second term he was Beaten by William Jefferson Clinton who created his own mess, with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and an Impeachment of his own. Other than that Clinton was a decent President who stood tall through it all and survived to become a statesman, loved by most worldwide.

George W. Bush, who originally ran on a whim, next, led the country into war with Iraq, and the Taliban formed and the battles extended to Afghanistan. he also stood tall when we were attacked in New York and he did go get Bin Laden as promised. He served two terms and God Bless him he aged quickly as he did.

Barrack, H, Obama was next, he came from no where to win the Democratic Nomination and became not only the first African American candidate for President to win his parties Nomination, but the first to win the presidency. Obama talked racial tensions, he talked world tensions, he reworked the economy and race relations and served two terms even creating Health Care for all called Obama Care. LIke all programs it started slowly and before obama finished his second term it was moving in a growing direction. Time would have told us, if Obama’s plan would have worked if it was allowed to keep going when he left office. But, we ran into the worst President in American History next.

I say this for what Donald J, Trump did as President, should have never been allowed, and in the end he should be in jail not living free in my opinion. Three men have been impeached in American History. Andrew Johnson was Impeached once and overcame and remained in office to complete his term.

William Jefferson Clinton was Impeached, over The Monica Lewinsky scandal and for lying about it. He overcame and completed two terms as President. Now, Clinton knew he did wrong and he admitted to it in the end and kept his head low and his pants up the rest of the way.

Now we come to Donald J. Trump, number 45. In one term this man was Impeached not once but twice by Congress. He lied about all his promises, he failed at all he touched and in the end he came close to destroying the government he was supposed to be leading, by leading an insurrection against it. Why, all because he wanted to get a second term as President and cried like a baby about losing the election of 2020 to Joe Biden. sadly, Trump failed on so many levels it is sad to even look back at his one term and say anything that would be good at all. Yet, there are Americans who believe he is God Sent, he is the best thing since honey and sugar. This man is a criminal and he knows it and we know it too.

Donald J. Trump launched from New York folks. When he did New Yorkers themselves who knew him, his entire life, all said the same thing, Trump is an asshole, a piece of garbage and a liar. He cheated people he hired out of money, paying them pennies on the dollar for the work they did. He lied about where his fortune came from too, his daddy gave him the seven million that started this mess. He lied on Healthcare. he lied on building the wall, he failed in foreign affairs worldwide, he failed in North Korea, and Russia, and he failed in Iran and Iraq too. He claimed he would stop them from building nukes, failure. He tried to build a wall on our southern border and get Mexico to pay for it, the mexicans laughed at him, so he stole the money from the military to try to finish it, failure. He failed to respond quick enough to Corona Virus and failed to plan a way to distribute the vaccines. Yet, he hid the fact he got his family vaccinated in the White House before leaving. SAD!

He lost The 2020 Election cycle fully. The electoral college rejected him 306 to 232, the people rejected him by seven million votes. Yet he cried the election was stolen from him and it was corrupt and still does today. He keeps spreading the Big Lie as the media has called it since he began it. He called Oather, Qanoon, and Maga followers to Washington on January 6th, 2021 and and tol dthem to stop the electoral college from verifying the results of the most secure election in american History. His people waving Maga Flags, Trump Flags, stormed the US Capitol, destroying buildings, windows, property, chasing police officers and guards and trying to find and hang Mike Pence, his own Vice President. explain all of that to me please and why no Republican has the balls to hold him responsible at this stage. One person Liz Cheney stood tall and told us all Trump did it and is responsible for it. I remind all, he lost the House and The Senate too.

Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy both need removed from politics and their offices for supporting this man, Trump and protecting him. In the end, Trump should be indicted, charged, and tried in a court of Law and convicted for attacking the US. Government. Those who say no, are brainwashed or blind or just fools. Trump tried to destroy America from within and hand it over to Putin and Russia. Hillary Clinton was correct and is still to this day, Trump Is Putin’s Puppet!

Those who grew up in my era know Superheroes and Villains are comic book stories and made up, we know there are no superpowers. We also know, what criminals look like by seeing them in history and in our lifetimes. Donald J. Trump is a grifter, a liar, an inciter of violence and in the end guilty of draft evasion, tax evasion, and inciting an Insurrection. I pray The Justice Department will charge and indict him. Trump’s own Justice Department and his Attorney General William Barr needs charged and indicted and arrested too, for protecting Trump.

The blind get led down the Trump path, the unrealistic or sick or just uneducated, gulliabe, not those us who are smart enough to see what Trump really is. We know Donald J. Trump can not be Reinstated in the Presidency and if he runs again he will lose again period. He needs to shut up, hide and try to stay free or end up charged soon enough. Anyone with a brain can see, the legal processes and justice system is about to catch up with Donald J. Trump, he will make more history as the first ex-president in American History to ever be charged, indicted and tried in a court of law for crimes committed in office. That will be Donald J. Trump’s Legacy and his families and followers too will have the same one.

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