There are no accomplishments for Donald J, Trump in his four year term.

I get disturbed when I turn on my television and see Donald J. Trump being covered as he travels the states. preaching his big lie, about the 2020 Presidential Election. what bother is not his right to say what he wnats, for we all have freedom of speech in America, but the fact he perpetuates that lie and people buy it and repeat it!

The part that bother me is that news media, television, and radio, give him the platforms to do it on. If the television media/ newsrooms and broadcasters, stop giving his lie play on their airwaves and the social media outlets such as twitter, facebook and more, stop letting him on their platforms, it would be so much better for America.

I like the news I do and I enjoy many stations, including CNN, MSNBC. CBS, AbC, NBC, and even Fox now and then to hear the other side some. What I don’t like is the fact that after so many have proven Trump’s Big Lie a lie, they still put him on air repeating it verbatium. It’s sad!

I know many will say I am just a Trump Hater, it’s true I don’t like the man period and know too much about him to ever like him or approve of him. I knew New Yorkers growing up, where they knew Trump and his ways. They told me basically, Trump is a grifter, a liar, a spoiled rich kid who never grew up and never will. They told me of how he cheated contracters out of money paying them pennies on the dollar for work and supplies they did and gave him. They told me well before he came down his gold escalator, that Trump was a phoney, a liar, a grifter and a lost cause. They knew!

Yet, here we stand, Donald J. trump was the 45th President of America! He was also the most incompetant, narrisitic, spolied man ever to hold the office. He failed at everything he touch or attempted to touch. I remind all, we are on the 46th President now in Joe Biden, and not a one of them before him, failed at so many things, like Trump did.

Trump had lost businesses, with Trump Water, Steaks, Trump University, and avoided taxes for many years. He lied about where his fortune came from, inflated values of his properties and then under inflated them later. He refused to show his tax returns for all four years. He cried during his campagain against Hillary Clinton, when she called him Putin’s puppet, it was sad to see.

He failed to bring back jobs from overseas like he promised too. He failed to create new healthcare as promised, He failed to kill ObamaCare even, he failed to build his wall on the southern border and he failed to get it paid for by the Mexicans, and they laughed at him when he said they would pay for it. How many failures can one man still have?

He was Twice Impeached in one damn term as President! Then, he cried because he lost the election to Joe Biden, created his big lie of the election being stolen from him. Then, he pushed the big Lie, Incited a resurrection against his own government and pointed those MAGA, Oathers and Qunoon Supporters straight at the Capital, in a speech we all saw. He sat back and watched in The White House on Television as his supporters stormed the capitol and wanted to hang his own Vice President, Pence. He was gleeful and even asked people why werent they happy like he was, about it all.

So, his followers thought he would be reinstated in March of 2021, no sorry, now they are telling Americans he will be reinstated in August of 2021. There is no way, no law that would allow that, and as we all know if a President were to not be able to perform the job as elected to the vice president takes over period. I would accept a President Harris anytime easier and happily, than ever seeing Trump anywhere near power again!

Trump Attorney Generals are under investigations, Trump is under Investigations, his companies are under them too! My hope is that soon enough, Attorney General Merrick Garland will lauch investigations into the Insurrection at The Capital and what Trump, Guilianna and others did to incite, encourage, organize and made it happen. My hope is Donald J. Trump will never be allowed to run for a public office again!

For the die-hard Trump supporters out there, Maga, Oathers, or Quonoon, let me ask you one question, what did Trump ever do right or for you? He only redid the tax laws for himself and his rich cronies! Thats it folks! Other than that there are no accomplishments for Donald J, Trump in his four year term.

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