To CNN, Fox, ABC, MSNBC, NBC and all newspapers and radio too!

The American Constitution guarantes certain rights to all Americans, among those rights is the right to free speech and a right to privacy and no intrutrusions by the Government. The Media and Reporters are covered by this amendment and so is each individual, in America.

So why, did the Department of Justice under Donald J. Trump, go after reporter’s and representative’s and senator’s personal e-mails and phone records and what was he seeking, doing so?

America must investigate these breaches of privacy and rights and the laws and then find who authorized them, and why? Why did Jeff Sessions and William Barr do this and who told them to? Who can order the Attorney General to search and seize and issue the warrants to do this? Only one person Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of The United States, at the time, Donald J. Trump!

The criminality of the Trump Administration is beyond scope and infects the very fabric of American Democracy and The Republic, in which we live. There was no reason to seize or gather the phone, records, emails and data of these Representatives and Reporters, except one, Donald J. Trump wanted to stop them from doing their jobs! He feared them, their investigations and their abilities to put out the facts and truths, of what he was doing and his administration too.

Not only should Donald J. Trump be indicted and arrested and charged and convicted of all he has done, so too, should Jeff Session, William Barr, Mike Pompeo, and others. Michael Flynn, comes out, backing a insurrection and take over of America and no one does a damn thing to him, why?

Someone tell me what George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams and all the founding fathers would have done if a President Incited Insurrection and stood on the lawn in Washington and called their followers to march down to the capital in 1776? I will tell you what they would have done, the founding fathers, would have captured Donald J. Trump, tarred and feathered him to a pole and removed him from Office and the country as a traitor to America.

Just think, Donald J. Trump is equal in my mind to Benedict Arnold, and worse, look at what they did to Arnold, and think how he died a lonely man, that is what Trump deserves. Yet, Trump is still walking free and having fun inciting people in America with his big lie, why? Nixon did far less!

This man Donald J. Trump is the biggest criminal to ever be elected President in American History and the most dangerous, he is the worst President in History and should be stripped of all benefits and security and banned from ever holding Office in America again. No Pension, No Secret Service, no Security or Medical or Dental Benefits period.

The Media Outlets, News agencies, Radio and Television should never propergate, or air Trump’s big lie. Trump should not be mentioned or given a platform to speak from, his speeches and oratory, cause violence, damage and anger. He will keep it up, if he can, as long as the media keeps playing it and repeating it, publically. Thats how his Maga, Oathers and Quanoon followers get their directions these days. So, cut it off, Television and Radio and Newspapers and they have no direction left, from him.

I watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox as they spout Trump’s name still today and wonder why? You want to stop Trump’s big lie, take his name off your stations and newspapers or radio stations, you want to compare Biden to him or vice versa call him the ex-president, the twice impeached President, The Loser President he is. Always remember Trump failed at all he touched or attempted to do, and you will get the point there is no value, in Trump, there is no reason to believe in him, either.

His failures are so many it is unbelieveable. His lies are so numerous, they are higher then, his buildings, in size!

To The Trump Loyalist and followers like MAGA’s, Oathers, and Quonon, he did nothing for you either. He didn’t change your life, he didn’t give you tax breaks, he didn’t supply you with a wall, or decrease your taxes or create healthcare, as he promised! He did get you arrested and sitting in cells facing charges for doing his dirty work!

He didn’t stop North Korea, or Iran from building nukes, he failed.

His Attorney Generals seized records of reporters and politicians too and did as he pleased. I agree with Nancy Pelosi, the Attorney Generals Sessions and Barr knew about those seizures and they oked them, they are lying, if they say, no. They must testify in one way or another, if they don’t on their own, they need, to be forced. If they don’t they need indicted, arrested and charged fully and convicted. Anything less is worthless and useless, like our Congress, currently is.

Americans, our Government is not accomplishing anything because the Republicans refuse to cooperate or be included in anything the Democratics put forward. Why? It’s simple they do what Trump says to do period. It must end or America will go no where, get nothing accomplished, and in the end, all Americans suffer. Wake Up!

Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and others who support Trump and refuse to work with the Democratics need voted out of office and replaced. If they are not there for the good of the American People, doing our bidding and are stopping progress, improvements and helping the American People as they swore to do when they took office, they need to be out of office, period. The only way to fix Congress and this country is to remove those blocking it’s security, it’s progress, and help from reaching the people. Americans wake up, the above mentioned individuals should be voted out as well as Gaetz and Greene too. They are making Congress a laughing stock of the world!

Let me finish this way, America needs help from it’s people, those who want to work together, those who believe in our constitution and rights. we need the women to speak up and act, we need all Americans who served to speak up, we need all Americans who want America strong and as a leader to stand up too. Do you believe America is moving forward with these people in Congress, I don’t, Vote them out and lets start over, with better leadership and better people.

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