Move on from the worst American President in United States History!

Trump’s Big Lie, is just that, a lie! Let me put it to the American people in this way, the Electoral College voted 306 to 232 in favor of Joe Biden. The popular Vote was won by Joe Biden by 7,060,519 votes, over Donald Trump, period. No Election Fraud or cheating is proven anywhere folks, remember that. Over 60 court filings by Trump, and not one Judge backed him, he lost them all! The point here is simple The election is over, it ended in November of 2020, The certification took place January 6th, 2021 and Biden is in Office, Period!

Trump is Perpetuating this Lie, because he lost! Lets speak some facts here. Donald J. Trump was not as popular as he wants all to say he is, if he was he would have won. Secondly, there is no Bill, Law or proceedure by which he can be reinstated to the Office of the Presidency. Not in March, not in August or at anytime during Biden’s four year term. If Biden can not perform the duties of the presidency for any reason, we have a Vice President who will assume the position, that is what she is there to do. she is duly elected by the american People just as Biden is.

As to Trump’s Big Lie and his recounts he is having done in certain states, there is no proof of any fraud, cheating, ballot box stuffing, dead people voting or anything else anywhere that will amount to 7.,060,519 votes in anyway!

There is no sense in recounting or retelling Trump’s failures, his embarrasment to us as a country, because MAGA Members or believers, Oathers and QAnon Members will not listen to them. Neither will tye Republican Party. They are interested in one thing only, returning to power, in the Senate and House. If they were interested in anything else they would be voting for Infrastructure and Voting Rights, they aren’t. They refuse to do bi-oartisan work with the Democrats fo rthe good of the country, and that my friends means you havea non-working Congress in place at this time.

Bills and laws are not being passed or done, the people’s work is not being done on infrastructure, healthcare, voting rights, racial rights and civil rights either. The wheels have stopped in Congress and the country is sitting still, because all are waiting on The Republicans to wake up and move laws and bills.

The Fillibuster must be killed, because it blocks all action on any subject the Republicans want it to and they use it. Mitch McConnell, says he won’t allow Joe Biden to pick any supreme court nominees now too. He won’t Confirm them, why because he doesn’t want liberals heard on the court. Trump told him no, don’t allow it.

My question for all of America, especially Republicans is simple, didn’t we the people, rebell and fight for our Independence from a King, to have it our way, our freedoms, our constitution, our laws. So who appointed Donald J. Trump King or America, and made lal these Republicans bow and scrape and listen to him and ruin our country and life? We did fight The American Revolution from 1775 to 1783, to relieve ourselves of the rule and control of King of England did we not? Are we the American People, really going to sit here and allow Donald J. Trump to assume a throne and tell Americans how to run their country, breach our freedoms, such as freedom of speech, religion or our right to vote?

Are you serious Americans, do you really believe Donald J. Trump deserves a second term? He was impeached twice, incited a riot at the capitol that was an insurrection! Be real America! He stood behind a podium and told Maga Followers, Qanon people and Oathers, to march on the capitol and stop the Certification of your votes and the electoral college votes. Now you tell me why? There is no reason except, he is a sore loser, was angry, he lost the election and wanted to stay in power! Remind you of anything, like a spoiled angry child or a spoiled angry King who wanted it his way, only. children do this when they lose games, or get beat on playgrounds, bullies do this, not men and adults!

Now we are finding Trump’s Justice Department, led by his Attorney Generals, violated the rights, privacies, and laws regarding reporter’s and politician’s e-mails and phone calls, gathering them for use against them, why because he thought it was election fraud happening? I call Bull on it all! He has no right as President nor does his Attorney Generals, to any of that information period, it’s none of his buisness.

I am sure more will come out regarding Trump’s behavior, his violations, his twisting and turning of the laws and violations of people’s rights. His whole administration did it at his direction an dit is all now become public due to gag orders being lifted overtime. Who put the gag orders on and why?

Lets ask while we are at it, where are Trump’s tax returns? That is still a simple question is it not?

Let me ask the biggest question of all, to Qanon and Oathers and MAGA Followers. What did Donald Trump accomplish in his four year term, that was for the good of the American People and you as individuals?

Did he bring Jobs back from Overseas? Nope! Did he create Trumpcare to replace ObamaCare that he tried to kill, Nope. Did he stop North Korea or Iran from building nukes, Nope. Did he complete and get Mexico to pay for the wall on the southern border? Nope, he failed and mexico told him no way they will pay. so he stol ethe funds from the Military Budget and still failed to get it done!

What did he accomplish in his Four Year Term, He was Impeached Twice! He created new tax bill, and set up himself and his rich cronies to pay far less taxes is all! Did you Qanon, Oathers and MAGA Followers get any or did I, nope! I asl the same question of MAGA, Oathers and Qanon followers evertime they start to spout off about how great Trump is, here it is, Tell me one thing Trump accomplsihed that helped the American Public, you and me in his four year term? The answers I get are he built the wall, nope, he changed the tax codes, yeah for himself and his rich buddies! Anything else please let me know folks, I am waiting!

To the Oathers, Maga Followers, and Qanon believers, I wil tell you what Trump did accomplish for you all, he brought attention to you from the public, the news media and the legal authorities and he got you all arrested for storming the capitol, damaging governemnt property, attacking police officers and more! While you sit and await trial and facingc harges for it all, the man who ordered it, called for it and called all of you to washingtone to do it and sat back and watched it on television, sits in Mar A Lago in Florida, a free man with a Presidential pension and full benefits including security you paid for, and keeps spouting his Big Lie!

Donald Trump did nothing for you Oathers, you MAGA Followers, or you QAnon believers, except get you arrested, charged and bring you criminal records to follow you for life. He doesn’t care about any of you, he cares about one person Donald J. Trump. ask any New Yorker who knew him prior to running for President, they wil tell you Donald J. Trump is creepy, selfish, a lousy buisnessman, a failure and a cheat and fraud. yet you back him, it’s time to realize it and move on from the worst American President in United States History.

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