Don’t you think, Donald J. Trump deserves to be treated the same as you, or me?

I find it very disturbing that Trump employees, are being investigated for doing what Trump told them to do, over-inflating his property values and decreasing them for his taxes. I find it sad that theTrump Chief Finanacial Officer is being investigated and it looks like shortly charged, because he did as Trump told him to and in the end he may go to prison at an old age.

Now whether, Trump Organization officer Allen Weisselberg, is guilty of something or not, does not matter for it is the search for the big fish here, Trump that does. Mr. Weisselberg is most likely going to face charges at a senior age for what he did for Trump and his Organization and in the meantime Trump walks free. That my friends is sad as all hell, and in the end if convicted Mr. Weisselberg can face prison time and possible death while in prison behind bars, for protecting Donald J. Trump. Not right if you ask me! Weisselbreg was loyal and a trusted employee to Trump and his Organization for decades, and in the end, is it going to be worth it to Weisselberg to end up in prison, in his edlery years, because of Trump? Will Weisselberg turn on Trump?

I want to point out that this is a pattern with The Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump in General here for sure. People did what Trump told them to do, and they end up prosecuted, convicted, some jailed for aperiod of time, and others asking him for pardons. See a pattern here folks?

Lets talk about those who are paying now for what Trump told them to do, who did it all. Start with Weisselberg, then go on to Flynn, Stone, Guilianni, Bannon, and more. What of Michael Cohen who did all Trump asked and was left to hang out to dry too?Each one had to face charges, and court time and lawyer fees and much more, because they did what Trump told them to do. Understand what I am saying here yet?

Let talk the January 6th, 2021 Insurrection, called for by Donald J. Trump as President that fired up Qanon, The Oathers, and his Maga Followers, and he sat back and watched as they tore up the Capital, looked for Mike Pence to hang and Nancy Pelosi too. They did as he told them to do at his behest and invite to do it, he called them to Washington and then directed them to the capital ! Never forget that folks!

To the MAGA, Oathers, and Qanon followers who did Trump’s bidding, I hope you have the finances for the court dates and trials set for you and the ability to overcome the charges you are facing, for what you did, for Donald J. Trump. If you notice, Donald Trump denies he told you to do this, and as you are picked up, charged, and indicted and tried and face a felony record and conviction and possible jail time, stop and think, is Donald J. Trump helping you now? Is he supplying legal help, or monetary help? Is he doing anything for any of you, who followed his directions and did as he told you to? Nope! Will he save your voting rights once your felone and lose the right to vote? Did you ever thing of that one?

What of Trump’s probes into Senators and Representatives and reporters folks? Is it right for a sitting President to set up an enemies list, and sic the Justice Department and his Attorney Generals on people because they disagree with his potical views and did not vote for him or support him in an election? Stinks fully of the Nixon Era Watergate problems doesn’t it? A sitting President going after enemies illegally and using the Justice Department to do so! Nixon did it too, but Trum went further even then that didn’t he?

He invited all Maga, Qaon and Oathers and more to the capital, then fired them up and pointed them at the capital and the Representatives and Senators duly elected by the people, and told them to stop the certification of the votes for the Presidency.

He invited them to storm the capital, to tell the Lawmakers to stop the certification and his Vice President Pence from completing the task, required, as his duty. In the meantime people got killed, at least five police officers, the damages to the Capital and Senate and House Chambers and Historical Hierlooms and more is costly, expensive and who pays for all of that to be repaired folks, you and me, the taxpayers, thats who!

Meanwhile Trump perpetuates his big lie each day, and tells people he will be reinstated as President, it won’t happen people, wake up! No law or Bill or part of The constitution allows it or calls for it either. Trump has no right to be preaching it and pushing it either. he is inciting people is all. As you can see he was not reinstated in March and he will not be reinstated in August either, or at anytime.

While Trump broke the 74 million vote level, he did not win the popular vote, Biden had over 81, million folks stop and think about that one. Now The Republicans are cowtowing to Trump because he reached the 74 million vote level and he controls the party funds, collecting machines. They believe they need the Trump supporters to take back the Senate and House in 2022 and if they pay homage to Trump they will win. Let me say this now, the difference in the 2020 election was over 7 million votes folks. The electoral vote was 306 to 232, the same margin, he, beat, Hillary Clinton by.

Do you really believe over 7 million people, are going to switch sides to a Republican Ticket headed by Donald Trump a twice Impeached President in 2024? I doubt it folks and I doubt very much if the Republicans can take back the House or Senate in 2022, if they accomplish nothing and allow nothing to be done, to help the American People! They are blocking everything and placing their bets on Donald J. Trump, and his support of candidates period. It is not going to work out well for them, is what I say.

Trump will continue to spout his big lie and repeat it everyday he can to anyone who will listen. He will continue to state, election fraud and that he won for the rest of his life, he can’t let go, he is obsessed and deranged really. The 2020 election was the most secure election in American History folks! There was no fraud, no cheating no stuffing of voter boxes, or anything else.

There was Donald J. Trump acting like a playground boy, who hates to lose and refusing to surrender or concede and not caring about anyone, but, himself, period.

What should be done now? My opinion is my own of course and I have the right to freedom of speech and use it daily.

In my opinion, The Media, Television, Radio and Newspapers , Magazines etc. all should stop repeating Trump’s lie, or airing it! All should ban him from social media platforms, and in the end give him no platform or forum from which to spout his big lie from, anymore.

The House and Senate should ban Donald J. Trump from ever running for a Government Office again, period. He should get no benefits from the Presidency, no insurance, medical, dental or security either. His Pension should be stopped and taken away also, for all he has done to America, it’s people and our stature in the world. He hurt the country he was supposed to be the Leader of as President and did so while in Office, that to me is a traitorious action.

Now, Donald J. Trump sits in Mar a Lago, enjoys himself on our dime, stirs up more controversity and violence than anyone should be allowed to and in the end is laughing at you and I and the rest of America. He got away with it all and the Republicans backed him to do so, too. It’s sad!

We don’t elect Kings. Dictators, Communist, or have Gods in America!

Donald J. Trump must face the Justice System, be held accountable for all he has done and we, the people, must make it, so. We need a movement, to bring Trump to Justice and all his cronies too. We need to pressure, push and demand, equal Justice, we need to make sure no one man or woman is above the laws of the land or our justice system! Whats good for the poor man on the street, or you or me, should apply to all, and that includes Donald J. Trump!

Black, White, Hispanic, Orientals, anyone in America, if you did what Trump did, you would be in jail, charged and indicted too and convicted and serving time. Don’t you think, Donald J. Trump deserves to be treated the same as you, or me?

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