We need to stay United, to be The United States of America!

June 18th. 2021, What has become of America and the American way and beliefs?

I was born in 1956 folks I am 65 years old now. I have lived through, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G,H.W Bush, Clinton, G,W Bush, Obama and Trump, now, onto Biden.

Now America, showed a All for one and One for all attitude under Eisenhowser, Kennedy, even Johnson, before it started, becoming, different.

Nixon had the same when he started, by the time Nixon left office, it had started to turn into a all for me and screw you world, in America. I know it I have lived through it. Nixon made mistakes and we all know it, Watergate, The Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg, but even Nixon who many cried was a criminal, had the brains and heart to resign for the good of the country. In the end Nixon, would have went down in history as a much better President than many, if not for his own worry of not being good enough and his paranoia.

The country regathered itself under Ford, who may have had a balance problem personally, but did his best, to try to bring America back together again and represent the country correctly.

Carter as President was well ahead of his time in all he did and tried to do. He foresaw the oil crisis and asked American’s to preserve oil. He faced the world in his own way and yes he was not perfect, for no man is, but he was never and shall never be remembered as a criminal, in anyway.

Reagan was an actor folks before attaining the Presidency, and in the end he acted well for the country. His support of the military and America’s power positions at home and abroad made him stand out. I know I served under Carter and Reagan and into GHW Bush’s years. The US Military, all branches supported and proudly served to defend and protect during my time in, 1978 to 1989 Active Duty and I started in 1973 folks serving, so I totaled 16 years doing so and watched, as I did.

Now I won’t continue going over each President here because it would make this too long to read and probaly boring too.

It was between the Presidencies of GHW Bush, to Clinton and back to a Bush, that we lost ground in our, all for one and one for all attitude and style in America. Seems Americans felt they weren’t getting their fair share of life, liberty, fortune, then. People started going to a me, me me, attitude. There was no more helping thy neighbor, or stopping to help a person stuck on the side of the road anymore, people flew by those stuck and never looked or stopped to help anyone anymore. It is a sad statement of fact, in the late 1980’s onward now, this attitude has stuck in America. It is a sad, sad thing to see. There was no more unity folks, and it seems is not any now, at the beggining of Joe Biden’s term, here in 2021.

Clinton made his mistakes also, but he did unite as much as he could the American People, but in the end, he screwed up by getting caught dropping his pants for a young intern and got caught. Yet, if you look back, even with that action and problem, and even Whitewater, Clinton is looked upon as a President who accomplished things and united Americans, on the American dream. No one is perfect, I say.

The Younger Bush took on America and did what he thought was right in all ways, when we came under attack. 9/11, will always define G.W. Bush’s terms in office. He did declare Victory too soon, but caught up with it and got it done.

Then, along came, Barrack, H. Obama who showed all Americans how to unite and work as one nation, attempted to stand tall and create more good then bad in America and he was and shall always be known as the first President of color. he fought to create Healthcare for all and so much more in his two terms. he is a man with a clear , concise oratory skill, and so much more, I admire him. He did what he thought was correct for all Americans who are struggling to survive,

Then, America actually destroyed itself a lot, when it foolishly, elected Donald J. Trump, as President. Trump ran on promises he never kept, he committed criminal acts while president and tax evasion and even is a well known Draft Evader who claimed to have buyions to avoid it all. But, the details of Trump’s life before the Presidency are sad and lies, he concocted is all and all who knew him in New York knew it too. He went on to have the most destructive, damaging, one term in American History as a President, period. He lost a reelection bid by a very large margin in both the popular votes and electoral college votes. Then cried, election fraud and sent people to attack the capital, of his own government and Incited an Insurrection. People died, government property was damaged and destroyed, and Trump sat and watched it happen after he sent them in to do it all. Sadly, January 6th, 2021 wil live in History as one of the most destruction dates in America History for our country. And of course the Republicans still back him and his lie, if Election Fraud, they don’t exist though. I remind all, Trump is the only President ever elected to be Impeached twice in one four year term period. He failed as a businessman before being elected and failed even worse as a President, being laughed at by leaders worldwide and laughed at in the United Nations, It is sad for sure. He drove insurrection, he split the people, divided us and turned us into a mob mentality nation. He almost sold us to Russia and Putin!

We, now, have Joe Biden Thank God! Biden wants to unite and repair the damages, Trump caused and is on his way to doing so, in so many ways. For America is now reconignized, worldwide again and respected not only by our allies, but Putin and Russia too. The vaccines have flown off the shelf for cornoavirus and are being dispersed as needed to fight the pandemic of covid-19. Yes, we will find the answers of where it came from overtime folks, not over night. New Variants wil come and we shall adapt for them too. No major pandemic like Covid-19 and all it’s variants will be easy to beat, but the world is now fighting it together.

Maybe, your views of the Presidents mentioned above are different then mine folks. we all have the right to believe what we wish, of all that has happened in my lifetime and your, own. But, one thing we all need to remember is, we are Americans, one nation, under God, and we have our liberties and freedom and rights here. We have the right to free speech, to write as we wish, to whorship as we wish, and to live as we wish, in peace and to seek prosperity, equally. I don’t care if your black, white, or any other color, race or creed, if your American, your American period. That is what counts!

As we go forward now, we need unity, togetherness, united we shall stand and fight, divided we will fall folks, believe it, or not.

We The People need to go back, to the era of ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL.! We need united to accomplish the goals we need most of all, prosperity for all, Healthcare for all and Equal treatment and Justice for all!.

To attain our goals with jobs, infrastructure, healthcare and Equal Justive we need to Unite and Fight, not divide and fail! Unite Americans, for those of us who served and gave our all for this country, staying United as a country and people is vital, to all we believe under democracy and our republic. United we stand, divided we fall is a real thing folks, it’s not just a statement, it’s a fact!

What ever happened to the America, I loved and defended and protected by serving it? Where did our We- We- We Attitude go folks? We have had disagreements and doubts before but we have always faced them together, lets do it again, lets be one nation, one people and save ourselves. We need to stay United, to be The United States of America!

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