We are America, the Land of The Free and The Brave!

I am not sure whether to say Happy Juneteenth or how to say it. It is a great holiday in American History already, that I hope, shall last, forever!

I wish to point out that, while Juneteenth, celebrates the day the African American was officially released from slavery, it also celebrates the release of the intelligence, pride and strength of the African American people and set them on a destiny, as equals here in America.

While the country as a whole is made up of immigrants from the world over, who struggled to get here from Europe, Asia, South America and more, the African Americans are the only ones really, not here on their own. They were indeed forced here as slaves, and have fought from day one, to be free. The forces that brought them to America, have been dimissed over the decades, and I pray they shall never be allowed to come back again. America is indeed a melting pot, of people!

I grew up in the Projects of a city called Waterbury, Connecticut in the 1960s. A mixture of all, is what. it was. We had caucasions, african americans, asians, hispanics and every race you could think of. We lived next to one another, went to school with one another, played with one another, laughed, cried and struggled on the same playing field together, for survivial.

Why, there is predijuice and discrimination in America I have no idea, I was taught growing up, the color of your skin does not matter, it does not define, who or what you are, and that is still true, today, in 2021.

While Black History is one thing and World history another, so is America’s history. No I don’t know all of black history folks, nor do I know all of world history or even American History, but I do know suspression, when I see it. Despite all that was done to the African American people who were shipped and brought to America against their will, their struggle needs to be reconignized and understood and understood in all ways. Yet, modern day America is a whole lot different then the years and times of slavery and what was done then, is now, history, for all to learn from.

I understand the frustrations and anger of the African American in America, I see it daily and I see the pain too, of that history. I am only one man, I can’t change the way some are, and I know that suffering is still happening, but one can not blame one person for what happened nor can one blame a whole race, creed for it either. Juneteenth, is a step in the right direction no doubt about it. I am glad to see it become a Holiday, in America.

I remind all, we have come a very long way, from the days of what formed, this country, and the society it was, when it started out. I also remind all, the whites, or african american, or hispanic or asians were not the first people to hit American shores. There were people here, before any of us, take a look back folks and we see that American Indians, their nations, their people whose land it was first. Their lands and rivers and food were stolen from them, also. They were forced to reservations and killed off also. This country is built on the backs of the American Indians, the Whites and yes, the African American, then Asians and more were added as we went along. It is a process America is built on, and no one person, one race, or nationality is responisible for all that has happened in history. Without the processes, that created this country, we wouldn’t have one, would we?

I am glad for what America is in all ways. The interaction we all have with one another, the voices raised and the act of being one nation Under God. The forefathers of America were human beings folks, they weren’t perfect, no one was or is, even today. Mistakes were made, and justice began and started to grow in America and the world. The result is an integrated, America, folks, it is also the best nation in the world for freedoms others do not have. We have freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of religion. We are now becoming more integrated and a stronger society as we go along, but, it is a process that has growing pains to it. We suffer through it and no one wants to leave America or give up on it because of the rights, we have as a nation/ country. Would you leave America, and go to Russia, Cuba, or to a place with a Dictatorship, or that is autocratic, I know I wouldn’t!

Americans have choices, freedoms and possibilities no other nation or people have, lets work to make it last, lets work to make it better and lets learn that, no matter what happens, we are the American People, we are America, the Land of The Free and The Brave!

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