Stop Trump,Ban him from holding any public office!

Last night I watched CNN’s Presentation of The Insurrection Of Donald J. Trump and his cohorts! I watched the films, videos and speeches of people lost in a world of their own, following a demented vision and destroying our capital and our property in the Capital and wanted to hang Mike Pence. As I did, I wondered out loud to myself and anyone who could hear me, Why? what was the purpose? Why do these people believe Donald J. Trump deserved a second term and why did they fall for his line and do his bidding?

Now they are being charged in courts and indicted, and being tried and most will end up convicted, spending years in prison and losing their right to vote anyway, because they will be convicted of felonies aganst the American Government! So what did they accomplish, zippo, except for the deaths of 5 people minimum and the destruction of historical property?

As I watched, I listened to people rage and scream and yell and repeat, Trump was God Sent, Trump won and you stole the election, Stop the steal and so much more garbage they used. Sadly not one statement they used was true, but they sure worked up the crowd, the MAGA SUpporters, The Oath Keepers, The Proud Boys and Qanon and more, didnt they? They fanned their anger and emotions and set them on the path to try, to overtake, our Government, for what purpose?

I shook my head everytime someone came on, and talked about Trump coming back, or being so great or God Sent! To all the Trump Supporters, Maga, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Qanon, and more, ask yourself this one for me, what did Trump do for you and what is he gonna do for you, as you face charges, prison time and more, for what you did, at his behest? He will do nothing, but fan the flames more, retell and pepetutate his big lie as long as he can and you will not get any help from him for the lawyer fees, court cost, or time you spend out of work or looking for work, or your ability and right to vote back, once, convicted, either!. He doesn’t care for you, he cares for himself and if any of you stopped to think, you would know that, by now.

He told you he would join you in the march on the capital that day didn’t he, listen to his speech and you will see. Where did he go, he went back to the White House and watched all of you on television, tearing up the capital, fighting the cops and laughed like a gleeful child, smiling at the sights on the screen before him. Then he asked everyone, why arent they laughing, and smiling too!.

As Kevin McCarthy called him in the White House and asked him to call it all off, and tell them to go home, he told Kevin McCarthy, he guessed he wasn’t as concerned as they were about the election! What kind of bullshit is that, from an American President?

Listen, Trump lost! He lost big time, by over seven million popular votes, he lost by a 306 to 232 electoral college vote too. Now, I want the Trump followers to stop and think of a simple question, here, is over 8o million votes more then over 70 million votes? Because, last I knew how to count, it is definitely, now do you think the over 80 million who voted against Trump will vote for him in the future? I doubt it folks!

Between the Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers, Qanon, and his MAGA Supporters, Donald J. Trump found all the outliers of democracy and gathered them all together in Washington for this event. He called them, asked them to show up, told them it will be a hell of a time. He made it sound like a party and fun time to be there, is what he did. He played on their mental incapacities and emotional problems and feelings and incited them to do what they did! They destroyed the Capital of their own Countrie’s Government, it’s property and chased their own Vice President to hang him, went after the Speaker of the House and so much more. All for what, so Trump could try to stop the certification of the electoral College Votes and election, to stall for more time to try to find something to keep himself, in power, as President. They failed, he failed and he still had to get out of office, anyway, didn’t he?

As The Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Qanon and MAGA followers now cry, in court, The President called us to do it, we did his bidding and we did as he said, it falls on the deaf ears of justice . The court is not going to let you walk away and avoid the responisiblity for what you did, each of you. You followed Trump, you stormed the capital, you destroyed the property of the US Governement, and you chased the politicians and forced them to hide. You threatened to hang Vice President Pence, you threatened to come for Nancy Pelosi, you scared the living shit out of Representatives and Senators, and yes they cowered in fear and stacked furniture and more against doors, to keep you out.

As you watch CNN’s report on this Insurrection, listen to Kevin McCarthy telling Trump to stop it all and call them off. Look at the vidoes of the same politicians who now support Trump’s Big Lie, stacking furniture aganist doors and cowering in fear and begging for help that day. Yet, today they want to call it a toursit visit that happened on January 6th, 2021. get off of it folks, they have a reason to say that, it is so they can maintain and keep the over 70 million voters Trump had, to get themselves reelected is all. They don’t care about the people they represent, they are worried about staying in office and power is all. The same men who stacked chairs against the doors, cowered in fear, wore gas masks and were led out by hero security guards and police, now stand and call it a toursist visit to the capital? You didn’t knock the Police and security when they saved you, you didn’t call it a torsist vist when you cowered in fear and piled furniture against doors, or grabbed your gas masks and ran did you?

Simple as the nose on your face folks, it was an Insurrection, it was a riot, it was damaging, deadly, scarey and almost toppled the American Government and our country. Our elected leaders, Senators and Representatives cowered in fear as destruction was everywhere around them.

Stop the Big Lie, Indict all who participated or showed up on January 6th, 2021, ban Donald J. Trump from ever holding office, again, in America.

If The Republicans will not allow a bipartsian commission to investigate it all, do it all Democrats, show the world and America the truth with hard video and audio proof. Find the Inciters, the helpers and those involved, arrest them, indict them, convict them. So it never happens again, in American History.

In the end, Donald J. Trump cause it all , he incited it, he called for it and he needs to be indicted, charged and convicted of it too. All Media and Newscasters from CNN all the way down, need to take Donald J, Trump off air. Just like Facebook and Twitter and social media platforms did. The more you show him perpetuating his big lie, the more riled up his supporters the Oath Keeprs, Qanon, Maga supporters, and Proud boys, will be. There will always be die hard supporters involved here, who will tell all till the day they die that the election was stolen or rigged, the fact is they are only saying what Trump has told them to. The facts are the facts folks and there is no denying them.

Trump Lost, he lost big time, he lost the popular vote but over 7 million votes, the electoral college by a margin of 306 to 232. He lost the White House, The Presidency, The Senate and The House of Representatives, too.

Donald J. Trump lost folks period, he failed at all he touched or tried to do, and then like a spoiled kid in a playground he refused to concede, and walk away like a man, Instead he stomped his feet, talked bullshit, riled up his followers and more and tried to destruct our governement. Wake Up!

On HBOMax and in Netflix there are documentaries about Donald J. Trump and his mental state and behavior. I won’t go into details here, but let me tell you this, The Dangerous Case of Donald J. Trump, is the truth in print. People should read it, understand it, and understand why and then forget Trump for any office in the land. The danger signals are clear, his actions are clear, his behavior is clear and his inability to control himself, is very clear, too.

Stop Donald J. Trump, remove his pension, benefits and security. He started aggression and incited a riot against his own country. Americans died because of Donald J. Trump and he stood gleefully laughing at it in the White House for all there to see. He was Twice Impeached in one Four Year Term! He must be removed from the public stage of politics in America!

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