Why do we pay Senators and Representatives so much and give them, benefits and security, when they are doing nothing to help you or I, The American People?

The sad reality of the American Political System, The Senate and the House is they are useless at this stage and collecting benefits and paychecks for accomplishing absolutely nothing!

Without a majority on either side and the filibuster still alive, nothing will ever be accomplished in the Senate or House at this point in time. No Voting Bills. No Infrastructure Bills. No Covid Relief Packages, No Healthcare Packages, and in the meantime, your Senators and mine and Your Representatives and mine stand around, milling in the House and Senate and get, not a damn thing done. Sad isn’t it?

I am tired of hearing of impasses, filibusters, disagreements, and blocking of bills and laws! Isn’t it time, something gets done in Washington for the people who voted these Senators and Representatives into office in the first place, us!

Whatever, happened to compromising, for the good of the country and it’s people? Did we vote these Senators in to block any progress in America as a country, just to pay their security, benefits and pay checks, and make them rich, off, of our taxes?

When was the last time Congress as whole, Senate and House acultually passed any law or bill that helped the American People and the country as a whole? Tell me Please!

Instead of working together, compromising, and finding common ground, they argue, fight and refuse to compromise and stall and kill inportant measures like HealthCare, Infrastructure, Security measures like Cyber Security, and Voting Laws, and so much more, why?

Look, I am tired of saying this and many more are tired of it all too! So, what do we the American People, yes the over 332,416,266, of us, they are supposed to be working for?

My solution may, anger some, suprise others, or amaze some, or Some will think I am crazy! My Solution is as follows:

2022 is coming fast, clearly the current members of The Senate and the House have no care or worry or want to help the American People, or the Country in anyway. They are playing power control games while Americans suffer with infrastrure failing, jobs not being created, no healthcare coverage for all, Voting rights being corrupted and bent to please one party over another. They won’t pass laws or bills to help anyone except their ownselves. Whatever is politically expediant for them to stay in office is all they are doing, like, kissing the former President’s ass, in Mar a Lago. It’s idiotic, childdish, foolish, shameful and yet they collect their pay checks every month, have the best healthcare in America and security as needed, all at our expense.

Come 2022, we need a clean sweep of Congress, fire the republicans who won’t compromise or work with democrats for the good of the country and american people. Congress needs, rehauled, folks!

First, lets start, with Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Greene, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. Let get rid of anyone assosicated with Qanon, The Proud Boys, and groups and organizations like them, including MAGA Supporters. Anyone who believes Trump’s Big Lie should be booted from Congress and never allowed to run again. Both, The Senate and House must be cleaned of these people who believe crazy theories and lies like Trump Spouts, daily.

Second step, the Media of America like CNN, FOX. CBs, ABC, NBC, and others need to take Trump and his supporters off the air, unless what they have to say is pertainent to the betterment of America and it’s people and society. No more discussions of Trump and his Big Lie, no more crazy Qanon and Proud Boys and Maga followers calling Trump God sent. Trump was never and will never be, anything worse than Trump as President! He is a con man, grifter and mentally unstable and dangerous, just look at the Insurrection!

Third step, promote and back politicians who do not believe in any of said organizations above or Trump’s lie. Sadly, there seems to be a part of America that wants to follow Trump and his big lie and bullshit he spouts. All they will get out of it will be to be arrested for doing his bidding and as he requests. They will have criminal Records ranging from misdeaners to felonies and lose their right to vote anyway, once caught.

We need Americans with brains, and guts, and who are not so socially dependent, on Trump’s Lie and who are not sychphants of Trump and his way. We don’t need dictators, autocrats or kings in America, isn’t that why we fought for our independence from England in our revolution? We didn’t want to pay taxes to a king, we didn’t want a King telling us what religion we can follow, we wanted freedom of speech and the right to choose our leaders by majority vote, not by force or anger or insurrection!

Sadly America has now fallen from the top of the world into a close to second world nation. Our infrastructure is falling apart, our healthcare is not even in the top ten of the world. Our Education costs too much and leaves us paying for over 30 years for a four year eductaion. Our Security is at stake and cyber security needs improved. Americans are living on low pay rates and in the end jobs will be slow coming back because of Covid and Trump’s failure to get the vaccines out in the first place.

I think all Americans, White, Black, Hispanic, Oriental or any other race, need to get together and change Congress and do it as soon as possible. Make these Republicans and politicans who are doing nothing, work or get the hell out of office! Why do we pay Senators and Representatives so much and give them, benefits and security, when they are doing nothing to help you or I, The American People?

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