It’s sad, it’s immensily sad that some Americans are so blind and easily led in the way, that is happening.

The current status of Donald J. Trump is as simple as it comes folks, whether his supporters in MAGA, Qanon, Proud Boys, or The Oath Keepers like it or not, he is the Ex_President of the United States, voted out by the majority of the American People and confirmed by The Electoral College and Confirmed by Congress. There is no changing it and there will be no reinstating of him either in anyway. That is a primary point of interest, that should be reenforced daily for all to see.

Now, as Donald J. Trump stays delussional, lost in his own world, ranting and raving about how the election was stolen from him, the world goes on and will. His own daughter Ivanka and son in law Jared are moving awya from his little world and trying to distance themselves from his make believe, disney like kingdom he dreams of. They know he is done as President, they also know he won’t get elected again in America, he is indeed the first and only President to be Impeached twice in one four year term.

Trump’s supporters in The Senate and House include people who have no idea what they are saying or doing due to being sychophants. They follow Trump and believe his crap, which has no basis in rerality or fact. There was no stealing of the election folks, there was no stuffing of ballot boxes, or suitcases of votes, or any other damn thing you want to call it. What there was wasa President who got solidily beaten by over 7 million votes, period and by an Electoral College count of 306 to 232.

I have sat and watched the documentaries on Trump’s mental state on cable, I have also watched CNN’s documentary of Trump’s Insurrection. Let me tell you something, Trump called for it, he incited it, he directed against his own Administration and the country as a whole! Is that clear enough for all of you out there, yet?

The Internet is a powerful tool for media and othe rusers that use it. IT can produce blogs, and more and does on all subjects, but, you can’t believe everything people or media or newspapers tell you. The truth is what alogical mind will find and put together from all the information we devour or assimiltae. Whatever Donald J. Trump is devouring and trying to turn to his advantage wil not work for him. He Lost Period, He lost The White House/ Presidency, he lost The Senate and The House of Representatives, also. He wa snot the big popular President he thought he was the votes, prove it and so do, the election results. In the end Donald J. Trump failed at everything he touched or tried to do as President.

What amazes me is how so many Republicans bought into Trump’s bullshit or a stolen election. How many on the Republican side kiss Trump’s ass thinking he is the Leader of their party still, my guess is they fear dethroning him and finding a better leader to lead them. McConnell can’t do it, McCarthy isn’t capable, Ted Cruz isn’t either or Lindsey Graham. Can’t run Matt Gaetz for President, or Majorie Greene either can they? Even Mitt Romney doesn’t want to lead the Republican Train wreck that it is now, does he?

We hear Republicans daily, speaking about how great they are and how they are going to sue Biden or everyone else who says anything bad about them or Trump, yet, no one is stepping up to be honest and make a move to lead the Republican Party, they all kowtoe to Trump still. Why is that folks?

Simply put the Republican Party is a leaderless organization that has fallen apart at the seams and no one wants to lead it. If they did, they would put a leader forward and start to break free from Trump’s grip and control. Instead they fly to Florida and pay homage to man who is delussional, lost and in my opinion mad and sick.

The Republicans seem to not understand some basic facts here, 1) Trump Lost by over seven million votes, 302-232 in the electoral College, he lost folks. 2) No Bill or Law or proceedure or anything else will allow Donald J. Trump to be reinstated to the Presidency, such a law, bill or proceedure does not exist. 3) The Republicans have hitched themselves to a loser, a grifter, a con man and criminal, and a twice Impeached one at that. 4) The Qanon, Oath Keepers, Maga followers, Proud Boys that were arrested for doing as Trump told them to do on January 6th, 2021 are on their own folks, it is costing them thousands to defend themselves, they are facing fines, prison time, and no, Trump will not pay to defend them, either, he will give them zero, help. 5) Any hope of Trump regaining the Presidency is a false hope and it will not happen, it’s only Trump trying to stay in the news and get attention, he has no power base really.

Now, I ask one question for all of those who think Trump was annoitted by God, or who think he can come back as President and believe the election was stolen in some way, Do you realize he lost by 7 million votes, and do you really believe the 81 or 82 million voters who backed Joe Biden will change their minds and vote for Trump? Not gonna happen folks, believe me.

Let me close this blog by saying the following, Under no President in American History, other than Donald J. Trump, who was twice Impeached in One Four Year Term, has any President ever attacked, his own Governement or country! There were and are now 46 Presidents, and not a one did what Trump did, led an Insurrection and tried to overturn a duly run election. It’s sad, it’s immensily sad that some americans are so blind and easily led in the way that is happening.

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