Laws should be applied to all too,in the streets of a poverty filled neighborhood, or the Gold Towers of Donald J. Trump!

It is like an old movie review, coming back to haunt America, and it sucks, just like Trump’s four year term did as President! His Big Lie!

As former Trump officials from his Administration start popping up, making statements like Bill Barr, it is now getting to the point where it is laughable for all to see and hear, Barr is correct, it was and still is all big, bullshit, Trump’s Big Lie about the election and shall always be. But that doesn’t answer the question of why, Barr gave Trump’s lie support and pushed it like Trump did, does it? No it doesn’t the only reason why Barr would do such a thing, is simple he wanted the position of Attorney General and the money that came from it, and the power, so he kow-towed to Trump to keep it as long as he could. The same can be said of Barr’s Predecessor, Jeff Sessions. The difference is slim between the two, because Sessions was fired and Barr avoided that one, is all.

Now we see, many people who supported Trump, backed him and worked for him and what has happened to them. Michael Flynn , Michael Cohen, Rudy Guilianni and more all under legal charges of one type or another or banned from public services and jobs they will never hold again, in their lives. Half of the people who supported Trump and his administration are currently either facing charges, been charged and pardoned or just disappearing from public view, Pompeo is one like that.

Then we see the end, of Trump’s Administration ,as it came on January 20th, 2021 and how he slunked from office, during a crisis like Covid-19 and got him and his family their shots and said not a word to the public, on it. Then he came out pushing the election was stolen, it was rigged, it wasn’t rigged he lost because he had no idea what the hell he was doing as President. He has no idea what he is doing as a businessman, either!

Face the facts, Maga Supporters, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Qanon and others, you jumped on Trump’s bandwagon, did what he asked and told you to do and now your all paying court costs, lawyers fees and facing prison time for doing so. Do you really think Trump will help you defend yourself? Nope. You will have to rot in a prison, or pay huge fines, and be convicted of crimes against the government on your own. He is not going to help you in anyway, and you should realize that, by now. Here is one more fact for all you Trump Followers to learn and realize, under federal law, if convicted of a federal crime, you may lose your right to vote, did you know that one?

All of the shit done and said and all of the missteps, mistakes, crimes and more Trump has accomplished in his lifetime, go very far back. I remind all, Trump avoid the Draft twice, due to buyons on his feet he says, that fact is his daddy paid the Doctors to keep him out. Donald J. Trump, started early on as a mess up, and failure and has been failing since. He uses his Daddy’s name and reputation to borrow money to keep alive and in the end if he is indicted or Trump Org. is indicted as a company he will have millions in loans recalled and be broke in the end. Intersting isn’t it?

Now, I do understand Weisellberg, playing loyal to a fault now and protecting Trump, why not, he was protected by Trump for decades, escaping taxes, rent and car fees and more. He owes it to Trump, is what he thinks. His logic is wrong and as one card after another falls in the Trump Org. and one person after another flips or testifies, at some point, Weisellberg will stop and figure out, he is going to spend the end of his life in prison if he doesn’t make a deal and talk. Once convicted Weisellberg will end up like Michael Cohen, an ex-Trump employeee, without a job and no place to turn, and will need to survive. As time marches forward now, you will see what I say is true, Trump’s big lie will fade as will Trump and all of his fooloish supporters who followed him. The American Public is tired of Trump, his bullshit and his crimes. Slowly, turn the wheels of justice my friends, slowly but surely.

Trump can hide in New York or Florida, or any place he wishes of course, but, he can’t hide from an avalance of charges, indictments and more aimed at his businesses, or his family and friends. One by one people will talk to avoid prison and records and to remain free and unrestrained and to protect their own families and friends too. Old saying Donald J. Trump, you can run, you can’t hide forever and legal authorities and laws will catch up to you and your family and business too. Why, simple, your guilty and now the biggest case, in New York’s Legal History and Prosecutor’s offices.

As to people who can turn on Trump they are numerous for sure, from people in his business, to people in his Adminstration, to Qanon, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and even Maga Supporters, who will become angry, discontent and upset and tired, they are all being chased, indicted and charged for doing what Trump told them to do. He won’t help them legally, and as can be seen already and has been seen early on, when these followers who stormed the Capital and did Trump’s bidding, his Insurrection, go before a Judge or Jury for what they did, the first excuse they give is, President Trump called us to Washington to do this and we did, as he asked.

Of course that, won’t hold water in a court of law for we are all responisible, for our own actions under the law and it doesn’t matter who the cult leader is or what he told you to do, you did it! If You think, I am lying or wrong, take a good look at Charles Manson and his followers, who are still rotting in prisons today or dead. We have seen followers of cults like this in the world before and cult leaders like Trump before, they bullshit their way to the top, they make people do things they shouldn’t and then they get away with doing so, as the followers pay the price, for it all.

Proof is simple in Trump’s case, just look at those who have paid by serving jail time so far , or who had to beg him for pardons before he left office. Or those he eft hanging out to dry and who went to prison for him and now speak out against him. Look closely folks, pick the cases, the names and the dates and the fates, will more go down that road like Cohen, Flynn and others did?

As time moves on, The Big Lie will disappear, there was, no stolen election, no fraud! There is no proof of any such thing in the Election Results of 2020, period. Never was, never will be, never shall be.

The Numbers and Results say it clear enough for a five year old child to understand, Trump lost by over 7 million popular votes, he lost The Electoral College by 306 to 232, period. He lost the White House, The Senate and The House of Representatives too.

The Republicans want to protect Trump and use him because he had 74 million voters back him, so they kow-tow, and kiss his ring. Kevin McCarthy, McConnell and others who kiss Trump’s ass and beg for his approval and yes sir, yes sir him, think they wil stay in office and win back the senate and The House if they do so. Fact is they won’t and can’t. Why simple, last I looked 81 almost 82 million votes are still 7 million more than 74 million votes and you can’t flip them to Trump’s side in anyway. It won’t happen, it can’t happen and I dont believe Americans, would flip like that, especially witha Twice Impeached Ex-President! People don’t like losers, people don’t stay with them, and Trump is a loser and should be banned from running or holding any government office in America.

Like reviews, of old Movies, that once were so popular and great, they burn brightly for a while, then fade to darkness, in the end, don’t they? Such is the fate of Donald J. Trump, down a brightly gilded escalator he came, and onto the world stage. But four years after winning he lost big time in all ways, so the reviews he put out were his big lies, and they burned for a while, they too shall fade, as he will, too.

But, in the end America and Americans. do not fade or give up as a nation, it is the greatest review of all, For America, America, God shed it’s grace on thee, and we, the American People, have overcome, fought for independence, fought for freedoms and laws, and fought to survive.

The Laws of The Justice System and the country shall be followed by all, and those laws should be applied to all too, whether it is a poor boy or girl in the streets of a poverty filled neighborhood, or the Gold Towers of Donald J. Trump. The Laws of The Land must apply to all, no matter, money, staure, label or title!

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