It will be hard to live in America with a criminal record, ask any convict, ok!

As the wheels of Justice start rolling toward the Oath Keepers. Qanon, Proud Boys and yes the MAGA followers, who decided on their own to answer Trump’s call, to get to Washington, and storm the capitol, one must wonder, what they will say or do, in court.

As they get identified one by one in videos and photos of January 6th, 2021 and the Insurrection, they go before Judges and Courts and start to point fingers at Trump. They are beginning to understand, they will pay for what they did under the law, and in the end are pointing, at Trump and saying, ” Trump told us to come, Trump told us to be there, and do his bidding!” Or, ” I did this, I came to Washington, because our President told us too!”

Now, that my friends, is not an excuse to scream, shout, gather and burst through police and safety barriers, and attack and storm the Capital the way you did. The Insurrection and storming of the Capital, the chasing and scaring of Senators, Congressmen and Women, the destruction of government property, was not the way to go, no matter who called for it. The damages are too great to democracy for what each of you did, not only to democracy, to freedom, to the republic and our american way of life. So yes, I hope each of you who stormed the capital, screamed, threatened and attacked police officers and security, pay the price for what you did. You can, lead a horse to water, but not force it to drink is an old saying in the world, in this case it applies, because Trump is walking free and he is happy. but all of you who were caught, wil pay the price, in one way of another, through justice.

As the circus that is The Trump big lie, keeps going from state to state and day to day, it underminds the american democracy, we live under. The very foundation our system is based on, the voting laws, comes under attack as Republicans try to make it harder to vote, not easier. Sadly, it is the opposite of what should be done. The fundamental Right to Vote by all Americans, is being stomped on, and taken away from some Americans and that my friends is vitally wrong! If they can kill voting laws, they can kill abortion, they can keep guns on our streets killing people and do as they please then, can’t they? Sadly, thats the honest truth!

Now, Trump runs to rallies, still pushes his Big Election Lie, six months after he lost, in a landslide against him, why? He knows he lost, he knows he can’t be reinstated to the Presidency, he also knows that he will not change the minds of over 84 million people who voted for Biden/Harris. so why keep it up? He is underminding democracy, the republic and the republican party itself, for what purpose, other than to appease himself, stomp his feet like a child and act out in a tantrum is all! It’s a sad look at how he is and why he should have never been President in the first place, in my book.

We are all facing an attack on the country by a former President Twice Impeached and no one is stopping him from doing so. That is sad in and of itself, for it means to me we have no one in the Justice System with the guts and moxie to stand up and go to court, present the evidence about Trump inciting riots and violence and then file for a Cease and Desist Order to stop him! Where is The Justice Department now, why isn’t it being done, to stop further violence, further damage, to our country?

As the Legal case advances in New York against Trump’s CFO and the Trump Organization, Trump openly admits to tax evasion and the crimes his company and CFO are accussed of in speeches and rallies. Now let me tell you something folks, Trump bragged he knew the tax laws better than all of us and any CPA out there, yet his company and CFO cheated on their taxes this way, whats wrong, with that picture now, you tell me?

As the Legal case continues in New York, a Committee is launched to investigate and find the truth behind the January 6th, Insurrection at the Capital. Who started it, why, how deep did it go and did Trump just incite it or launch it? It is all going to come out folks, I have no doubt the question is just how soon. If Trump is indicted in New York, or by This Committee, what then? Do you really believe he will not face justice and walk again?

I know as a man who served my country, who is patriotic and a disabled veteran, I believe no man is above the law. The Law should be applied to all equally, no matter race, color, political affliation, or position. No matter if your poor or rich, the law applies to all of us and that includes Trump. He should no no way get a free pass, just because he is an ex-President. he deserves to face Justice too. No one pardoned him for his crimes, he committed in office and he couldn’t pardon, himself, for them, either.

I ask now America, all of you Maga Followers, Qanon, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and others who stormed our capital at Trump’s request, do you think, you should be arrested, face legal charges, and have to be jailed and tried and convicted and pay for it, all yourselves?

What About Donald J. Trump, who called you to Washington, January 6th, pointed you at the Capital and told you to stop the certification of the electoral college votes and election? He is walking free and clear and still crying he lost the election and saying, it was stolen from him, while you languish in the courts, hide in your homes, avoiding publicity and camera and newsmen and women, while you have your lives ruined and your reputations and pay legal and court costs and in the end, if convicted, get records, he walks free? He maintains his status quo, and you lose all your rights and get convicted and end up in jail for him? Doesn’t make sense to me, at all! If that is what you are going to do, take the blame, do the time, and let Trump do as he pleases, well then you deserve the jail time, the lose of funds, the loss of respect, you choose your course, your way then. so when you are serving time in prison, and get convicted of crimes against the federal government, remember, felonies you can lose the right to vote from! What then? Will you still be praising Trump, as his money buys his freedom, but you lose yours, because, your not an Ex-President, your not billionaires!

I know one thing, if I had done what Trump wanted and barrelled into Washington on January 6th, 2021 and did, what he told all to do, who did it, and then found out that after I did, he denied telling me to, or refused to help me pay legal fees or beat the charges, and left me paying for what he said to do. Well, I would be yelling, screaming and hoping Justice has mercy on me too. It will be hard to live in America with a criminal record, I promise you that, one! Ask any ex-convict, ok!

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