Someone please help me, to understand what to do, next!

How do people handle Hospice when they are alone, by themselves doing it for their spouse?

How long can a hospice patient last, who is filled with cancer? There seems to be no answer, to these questions!

I am lonely, with no one to talk to anymore, the cats are gone now for I can’t have them jumping on my wife’s hospice bed. So I havea big house filled with belongings I am slowly emptying, but I am lonely as hell walking in circles, talking to myself constantly.

I have to order food, once my sister leaves and goes home, from shop rite for delivery to feed my wife pureed food. I have to eat myself somehow too even though I dont want to really.

I fear what few will understand may happen here. They may find me dead with her, one day, I am so lonely it is going to kill, me!

What does a person do when the spouse they married is here but can’t talk, walk or do a thing with you? What do you do when the one you have loved and protected and defended and cared for, for 28 years is in such shape? How do I survive it folks? Any Advice would be helpful here!

I am lost with no place to turn in a big home with four empty bedrooms and 3 and one half baths, here. Is there a way to survive this process at all and has anyone else survived it?

I can do only so much, help the nurse’s aids rotate her, and clean her and then feed her, the best I can. I try to cleanthe house and do my own dishes and then hers and all the laundry, but it goes by slow each day.

For 28 years, it was my wife an di against the world with two cats. Now I am lost, and lonely as hell and have no one to turn to anymore. What should I do?

I think someone may come one day and find me, in bed with her and us both dead! I feel like it will be too hard, to continue doing this for her, alone. I sometimes get to thinking it would be best for me to go with her into the death lights beyond, at least we would be together again. Each day is struggle to survive here for me. I have never been a big people person, but, she was my person, my love, my life in all ways. what should i do here and how do I carryon without her now? Someone please help me, to understand what to do, next!

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