Time does not stop, even for a Death!

Time does not stop, when you losea loved one to cancer or any disease or illness. Time moves forward and at some point you must too. You may not want to, you may feel like shit, depressed, guilty or something else over the loss of your loved one, but, the tick of time carries on always. The more time you waste the worst it gets. After so much grieving and crying and paqin and hurt, you begin to realize, you have so much to do to clean up and move on.’

For instance in my case, my wife is gone, I am rrealizing there is no bringing her back and I am stuck with all we had together that I must clean up, get rid of and sell and more. The house must be cleaned out, sold, all must go that I can’t use. All her clothjing, jewelery and belongings, then what do I want to keep of my own?

Then, I need to get the Lawyers going too, on the Estate Taxes and what needs to be done legally. I need to get the Lawyer going and free up the house an dher car and all the finances will than be free to me to do all I need to do. Settling her estate taxes with Uncle Sam and The State will be big ,for my future.

So many unanswered questions come into play, so many laws and more. The big case will be the Lawyer making it possible, I hope.

Learning as I go now comes into play and in one way or the other I must protect all we had so I can survive in the furure. We built a home together and now she is gone, I dont want to lose anything we built together, but, I will need to move on from it all and start over elsewhere and that will be my starting point, I hope.

The list of things to accomplish and go thru are many, and in the end, all must be done legally and properly by law so I dont get burned or lose it all.

Time waits for no one so, I have to get started soon. Otherwise I could end up in trouble. As time goes on it all needs to get done properly so one step at a time is all one can do it can be overwhelming for sure.

Time does not stop, even when people die, those of us who survive must go on!

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