That should telll all the story in the end.

I have used my blog to talk and make statements on many subjects over the years, including news, politics, and personal. I try to not get stuck in one area and I have even used it for sports predictions. In the end it has given me an outlet over the past few years to speak out on many things and to inform, chat publically or just say what I please and i am thankful, I live in america, where free speech is guaranteed.

Recent Events in my personal life, the loss of my wife of 28 years, has been very emotional and rough on me. My blogs have gone from, politics, to personal matters and for that I am sorry folks. As we all know and should understand by now, one’s personal life and emotions and feelings can bleed over into these blogs, many times over and have. My life is not a herioc one, nor is it anymore than average by most standards. I am just a normal average man who has lived a life full of highs and lows and in the end, they will bury me under those circumstances too. I did what many men did in their lifetimes, I served my country honorably, I marriednot once but twice, I had two children and two dogs and two cats and two of everything more than once. I traveled with my wife’s and tried to support my children when i could. I am not a religious person, never was for my own rerasons of course and I hold nothing against anyone in anyway.

We all make decisions and choices in life that we must make for different reasons in the moments of time we must make them as we go along. My life will be less than a blimp on a screen somewhere on the internet when I pass, no one will remember who I was or what I did. I am not a historic person or making any history here, I am live a normal Ordinary Man’s Life daily.

IN life we have our ups and our downs too. For instance, I Graduated Elementary School long agao and many thought I never would, I went on to High School, but dropped out and latergot a GED Diploma on my own. Now nothing fancy there for sure. I know I am not perfect never said I was and never would. I went on though had to it is life.

e I did what many in my generation did in economic hard times, I joined the Military. I served Uncle Sam for 16 years, I hold at least 5 Honorable Discharges from three branches. I am proud I did so too, ask anyone who knows or knew me. I do have a patriotic streak in me for sure and i belive in America.

I did what few do, I served then went back to school and got a College Education, and moved on. Now, my first wife will say, our marriage was no big thing, but it was in many ways. The highs were our marriage day, the homes we owned and the girls we had together. The lows for it were the end and divorce and no one can deny I tried. It ended up 10 years of marriage and then add two for the divorce time a total of 12.

MY second marriage well, that is now history too, because my wife recently passed due to cancer here on August 10th, 2021. We had a great run so to say, We covered 28 years together, we traveled some, we saved, we helped family and friends. The highs outweighed the lows by millions, the positive always out weighed the negatives. We never really fought, we never hurt one another and in the end we loved till her day of death and I still love her now, and miss her. Life is mysterious in many ways folks, when you think you have it made and all seems like it is perfect for both of you it throws you curves and sliders and screws you up.

Cancer my friends has followed me and those I loved a long time. It got my grandfather, it got my real father, it got my step-father and my mother, then it started on my second wife and then me. I survived it, buy an operation, my second wife recently lost her 16 year battle with it, leaving me a widower now. LIfe is indeed at times cruel and mysteriuos and at other times uplifting and soulfull.

Facing a future as a widower wil be rough at 65. I know it and i also know the loneliness, will get to me it has once already, depressing me to the point I needed medical help. I am one of the few lucky ones who found help in my sister, and in the Veteran’s Administration too. Not all are so lucky and many do committ suicide upon the loss of their spouse I know that. I almost did more than once. My writtings and blogs are online here for many to see, and I know few ever read them for I am not a jouranalist or a prolific writter, but I do write short stories, poems and small books. I have a Kindle listing of course, no PUblishing Firm has offered to help me sell any. But, I am just a guy who uses writting to get his feelings and thoughts out the best I can. I use writting as an outlet for the emotions thoughts and ideas that pop into my head, it works for me .

So, just to be clear to all or anyone who may read this, no, I am not apologizing for anything, I am not looking for pity, or anything of that sort. I am just an average normal man trying to express what I feel. That should telll all the story in the end.

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