September 17th, 2021, I awoke early again and it seems even medications do not keep me asleep these days, I still got around 7 hours of sleep tho. Not bad really for me.

Well, the first anniversary without my wife alive passed yestererday on the 16th. I spent it, just watching television and chatting on this computer. I am redearching places to live, around my sister in Rehoboth, Mass. here, a state Ihave no idea about rerally, except those I have met, are friendly here. So time will tell really.

As I said before, slowly but surely, the house I shared with my wife is being cleaned out, and my sister and her man are helping me do so, a little at a time. For 21 years I could not get a car in my two car garage, now it is set up for a wstatw sake for a tag sake situation next. One room or arera at a time is what we are doing and it takes time to know what to sell, keep, or throw away. Every item must be looked at and taken care of.

Somethings you tend to dread when moving out of a place you lived in for a long time with someone you love. For instance, her clothes, her jewlery, her personal stuff she hid or loved. Decisions must be made on the spot to either keep them, sell them or junk them. I have already thrown out over 30 big green garbage bags of stuff, and filled a huge dumpster and had it hauled away. A second dumpster awaits today.

Then once i empty the house and clean it up, the next step is the sale of it. I need to sell it, pay off all bills, and find aplace where I am going. One thing at a time is all I can get done. I have in concert with my sister and her man, set up a system of sace, sell, tag sake and throw away now. And it seems we have only just begun, how long it will take I have no idea. Selling it will I hope be pretty quick but time will tell.

Each day is an adventure in someways for me, I don’t have my wife ro bounce things off of now, and I have to gandle the bills as they come in and pay them. Then, slowly clean up and throw away all the garbage and more as we go along. MY plan is to basically, clean it out room by room and then clean it and sell it.

I want to buy a condo or find a decent apartment I can live in for the rest of my life. The idea is one move and thats it ,if I can. I have been looking at possible locations and the prices for what I seek of course. In someways I know I do not need much for me, a one bedroom, will be fine. I looked at condos online and even mobile homes in the arera too. Depends on what I get for the house of course, as to what I can afford and where. I would prefer something big enough and able to hold heat ,in Mass of course. I saw a few places I liked, but again money and timing and location is vital, I want comfy, but also a safe neighborhood. Being 65 now, and a widower, I don’t need any problems going forward.

As time marches on I know, unlike others, I am not loved by all who know me, some believe I am too rough edged or too curt, or too rude for them. I am 65 folks, let me say this, I know when to be polite or nice and when to be straight forward and more, I usually am easy going with all. Time will march on, I know it and i also knpw my final days are nearing, some think I will live till I hit my 90s, I don’t. My parents survived till they were 55 and 59, respectfully, and both died of cancer. In the end, I don’t know how long I have left, but what I want to do is settle in, in a new location, meet new people and livea peaceful life till I die. Is it asking too much, after helping my wife survive cancer for 16 years and going theough her death? You Tell me folks!

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