Are you gonna let them stop disability and social security payments to elders, seniors and disabled people? Wake up Please!

The newest debate at this time in America is whether Congress will raise the National Debt Ceiling or not? While I have been busy with my wife’s death and burial, this debate has hit Congress, and it has and will effect many people in our country.

American Seniors will get hit with this and lose their Social Security checks every month if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling ar this moment in time, is one you, or your relative?

Many senior and disabled americans depend on their social security checks and many veterans live on their disability pay also. Do you wnat those who fought for the country, worked for the country and gave their all, to lose what they earned? If this happens the american economy will tumble an dour bills we owe to othe rnations will not be paid, placing America into a bankrupt status as a nation. Do we really wnat to let the republicans force America, into a bad credit rating and a poverty level ?

Someone must stand up and stop the Republicans from doing this, in someway. I know the national debt is rising and people are worried over it all, but in the end do we really wnat to shoot ourselves in the foot at this time? Be realistic please!

I know McConnell and his Senate Republican buddies are determined to stop the debt ceiling from rising, but, in the end who pays for it if they don’t, the senior citizens and the disabled American veterans mainly.

You want to reduce the national debt? Tell you what ask the billionares and millionares of which there are now thousands in America to pay with higher taxes! A higher tax rate on those who have the most will help the ones who don’t and the country on the whole too. Sadly, the Republicans won’t go there because, those same wealthy billionares and millionares, pay them in other ways. Lets face something here folks, every politician in Washington is rich in one way or another and McConnell and his cronies are more so, than most. In someway every politician is on the take from someone who is rich or from organizations like the NRA and others. We are not stupid here, at least I am not.

So how do we overcome this log jam the republicans have set up in Congress? We make them aware of who they are hurting, we proresrt, call our Senators and Representatives and if necessary picket and holdrallies an dthen if that fails, chase them to their mansions and make them change their minds. Phone calls to their offices help, visitors on their properties and at the Capital work also. Old saying folks, the place the stinks the worse gets the most attention, make it stick and make them smell, what they are doing! McConnel has been playing this game now for decades and he wants back his Majority leader position come 2022, so he will block all of Bidens actions and programs. McConnell and others have all been in the Snate too long and need removed or defeated before they get another term. The People of Kentucky need to wake up and see that McConnell is hurting them as well as everyone else in America who need assistance, period.

I recently saw, how Trump has turned on Lindset Gaham and I laughed. Trump turns on everyone and any who backs him to run in 2024 is a fool, and that includes McConnell, Graham, Johnson and more including Ted Cruz of Tezas too.

Why would anyone with a brain in their head back ,Trump to run in 2024 for President? The man was twice Impeached in one term, failed at everything he touched and caused a damn insurrection! Wake up folks! He failed to build his wall he promised and he snuck out of the White House after taking the vaccination without telling you he and huis family did so. He lies, he tells stories he made up and people buy it all, come on now it is sad.

Let me say this to finish today, if a Budget is not attained and social security and veteran’s benefits shut down, and you have to pay higher taxes as the lower or middle class, you will then realize they are screwing you and me and wake up, to it all.

Look no President or Politician is perfect folks, but, only the Republicans scrrew their own and everyone else at once. Don’t Let them! Are you gonna let them stop disability and social security payments to elders, seniors and disabled people? Wake up Please!

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