Lets find a way to get it done, compromise, save resourses and lets live longer.

Good Morning world and America! Another day has dawned for me on September 29th, 2021. I awoke around 6;30 am again, and now have coffee in my hand and here I sit typing to all of you.

The world is currently in trouble due to climate changes and weather patterns that are erractic and problem like, then you add in the American Political Climate and Coronavirus, and you go what did we do so wrong to deserve this mess?

I wonder at times, what we the human races were thinking as we destroyed our own planet bit by bit, by minning it, then bombing it in wars and then you add in raping it in such a way as it is being depleted of it’s natural resources, well, it is bad for sure.

We sit on the planet, the only planet that sustains human life that we know of and we destroy it slowly, without thinking about what we may do next as a species. Where can mankind, humans, go next and will the planet earth end up like Mars and the moon, lifeless?

We rape the planet of minerals and the very plants that supply us with the air we breathe, sad isn’t it? We pollute the air and waters and kill the animals for us to survive. At no time do we stop to think of what we are doing each and every moment, so in the end, will the earth run it’s course and will mankind cease to exist, I think it is a great question.

That said now, America faces a cruical decision in how we go forward budget wise. The Republicans want to block any raising of the debt ceiling and that will put us in a posirion that we can’t afford, for we will default on our loans from others, ruining out credit rating and cutting us off. If we raise the debt ceiling, America will have to budget to survive anyway, but it will take careful adjstments to do so, as I see it. The choices are not easy, for all of us, that is for sure.

I tire of politicians who sit in office and have all they need to live and more while others live in poverty. I know we can’t all have everything, but the needs to eat, drink, and clothe and have a place to live is vital period. We can’t all ne college educated, although we all wish we could. Money runs America and that money is being held by those in power, due to it. Sadly, it seems, Americans are not intelligent enough to fully understand what it really means.

Monopolies happen, if you don’t believe it look around now. Companies control vital interests and make the money big times and others get nothing. It’s a sad state of affairs when one drives down a street, filled with stores now closing, and sees homeless people with signs begging for food and shelter. What has America become folks?

We are now a few steps from entering the poverty level of many third world nations. We have put ourselves on the path to falling from power and position and leadership in the world and we destroy ourselves daily. I love America don’t get me wrong, I served her for 16 years and I am proud of her, but, I shake my head at all that is happening.

We as Americans can’t support our own or help our own people anymore. We can’t get on one path and stop covid from killing people, we can’t get together and pass a damn budget to pay for our own governemnt to keep running and keep the benfits in place for seniors and disables, what is wrong with Congress?

The current situation in Washington, DC mustc hange for America to survive. Yes, I know the debt ceiling is high and wil get higher if they extend it. I also know that millions will be homeless and helpless and begging for food if comgress doesn’t fix this in someway. Disabled Veterans, and seniors on Social Security wil lose the ability to survive and kive out their lives.Yet, the Republicans can’t come to compromise to save it all? What is wrong with them?

They can sit back and pour billions into Trump’s wall when he waqs in office, they gave themselves and Trump’s cronies big tax breraks while he was in office, now they can’t compromise and raise the debt ceiling to keep the country going? They can and should do so now, a deal must be made for America to keep going!

There will be millions if not billions of Americans who will be in dire straits if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling and pass a budget. It really is a shame if they sit on Capital Hill and collect their benefits and pay checks and do nothing for us common American Citizens, what are they there for ,then? They get their 270 grand a year salaries and medical and dental benefits and they are going to do absolutely nothing to help the common American Citizens who put them there? That is totally wrong and unsatisfactory in my book folks and it should be in yours too!

All, of the above said, and in the end I know basically, many will rerad my blog and go, “He doesn’t know what he is talking about!” They will say I should shut up and just carry on and work and survive, period and stop complaining. Well, to those I say this, ” America is better than this, we the American People have some honor, some dignity and demand some respect, from our Governement and it’s elected Officials!” I think, the Senators and Representatives who we elect, should be answerable to us at all times and should be looking out for all of us who vote for them. Don’t you agree with me?

If Congress can not raise the debt ceiling and put a budget in place that saves Social Security and Disabled checks for those who need them, then we need new Senators and Representatives and we should vote out those who block all. We can’t continue to be dpinning our wheels and going no where, when so many need help.

As to the coronavirus pandemic, let me say this to all who refuse to get vaccinated. When you were born and shortly there after you were given vaccines and vaccinated against numerous diseases, you survived them and you wil survive this one too. Wake up, vaccines work they always have, no they are not perfect but, they work. Get Vaccinated, do yourself a favor, do your children and families a favor, if not for yourself for them and for those around you, at least.

My opinions are my opinions and you don’t have to agree with me or them I know that. It is America and we all have freedom of speech to voice our opinions and thoughts and ideas and it is what I do, these days.

I wish we had cures for Cancers of all kinds and no more will die from them. I wish all good health and long lives, I do. Yet, I see an America that is failing to understand what it is doing to itself as a nation, and what the people of the world are doing to the planet itself. If Mankind and humanity as we are, want to survive we must take care of not only the planet but each other too. Lets find a way to get it done, compromise, save resourses and lets live longer.

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