October 3rd, 2021, My thoughts for the Day!

October 3rd, 2021, a new day has dawned and I awoke around 7 am, after a restless night. Even medication sometimes does not help these days. Daily medication pile up and I take them as needed, the human body though builds resistance to some.

Each day is an adventure yet I still wake up and seem to keep going in one way or another. I think at times I am more steayd than our government these days, even aftermy wife’s death. The government of the United States needs to get their act together, tax the rich and lets rebuild the infrastructure and the country as needed, stop bullshitting!

Today is the Anniversary of O.J. Simpson’s trial results. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman have never received justice and the sad part is both families the Browns and Goldman’s have to live with that. I know many will say, I am wrong, but in my book OJ Simpson was guilty, period. I don’t believe anyone else could have killed them. No one else has a motive or reason for killing either of them. I believe OJ, did it in a jealous rage, when he saw Ron there. But thats my belief of course and I don’t force it on, no one.

Next the political climate in America! Lets face it folks, it is unstable and yes we are headed into a recession, can’t avoid it it seems. On top of that we have the budget problem andhow to pay our bills, we owe. Listen, tghere is only two ways to go on this issue, allow the country to default and go bankrupt entirely, or, pay the damn bills and pass the budget put forth by Prersident Biden. Now, America has never gone bankrupt in anyway, even though we seem to always come close to doing so. In the end we settle and find a way, so compromise will you democrats and republicans, and lets get back on track and keep the governemnt alive and thos eon disability and social security benefits alive too.

The Trump fiasco as I call it must stop. Listen folks, Trump accomplished nothing as President in rerality, what he did do was to change the tax laws to benefit himself and his rich cronies is all. He failed at building his wall, and so much more be real here ok! Now, let me sqay this so all of you understand me, Trump made the innsurrection happen at the Capital, he called for it, directed it and in the end refused to stop it till people died an dthe capital was damaged. He was also the only President in American History to be Impeached twicein one term. So, why would anyone vote for this man, in 2024 you tell me?

Ok, next subject, I watch news all the time, Vaccines and failures to get them are always in the news. Let me say this so all can understand me, it is not my place to tell you what to do with your body or health, but, I remind all of you the vaccine has saved morter lives, than it has harmed in anyway and secondly, we lal were vaccinated as children against many diseases and virues and we still are alive. One more won’t kill you and it may save your life an dthe lives of those around you also. Wake up, Get Vaccinated is my opinion, you do as you wish. Don’t cry if you get covid and a family member gets it from you and dies too, it wil be your own fault.

Lets, discuss the killing and disappearances of people across the country that is happening it seems daily and hourly. Every channel yopu turn to is covering these killings and disappearances daily, we see the hunts for the boyfriend in Gabby’s case, we see them finding bodies elsewhere daily too. Ever wonder why they happen? I do, I see too many people who were damaged in childhood doing these killings and kidnappings too. We havea problem in America that needs fixing here. people who kill, kidnap and do domestic violence do so because they wer4e abused or beat upon themselves as children. or They lack discipline and self-control and their rage gets the better of them. American society is far too competitive numbe rone an dnimber too, the disciplining of the children in America is lacking period. We ,let video games filled with violence, in them, babysit out children or television with violent in shows do it. Listen folks, there is no better discipline or raising of a child than their real parents, just do your job as parents raise them right, teach them right from wrong period. The increasein violence in America is far beyond anything imagined these days, correction must take place in the home by those parents. Period.

I tend to cover many subjects in my blogs. The last subject today will be the death of my wife. My wife and I fought a sixteen year battle against her cancer and we lost it on August 10th, 2021. Now, I personally did all I could to keep her happy, healthy and alive as long as humanly possible. I sat by her side through her cancer, through Doctors, scans,chemo, radiation and ultimately immunio-theraphy and in the end, hopspice care, at home. I lost it on the day she died and I lost it mentally and emotionally after I buried her. I am human folks and anytime you lose someone you love so much for so long, it is expected and it happens. I was questioned through it all in many ways, and I have to say openly and honestly there was nothing I could do, I would have done differently period.

I have to honestly say I have some anger and bad feelings toward some, and it is something I may never get over. I do not agree with some of the things I saw done as she was dying and I find it hard to forgive or forget them either. I am not a man that holdsa grudge or bad feelings for long periods of time, but, when it involves my wife, the way she died, I do. I loved my wife more than she ever knew or anyone did, I miss her terribly, and always will.

As time goes forward I have come to some decisions as to what is next for me. I can’t stay as I said in the big house we had together, it is being cleaned out and sold by me. I can’t stay in the area we lived in nor will I stay even in the same state when done. I am moving aay as soon as all is cleared up. There will be some who don’t like this idea, but for me, It will be right. I knew my wife and her thoughts and ideas too, she would not want me in a position of being hurt or suffering, she would want me to carry on and have a life of my own. As she was dying I told her I loved her and that I would be with her to the end, I kept my word. I did right by her in all ways I can, including her wishes after she passed. It is all I could do, if i could do more for her I would have, I suffered severe depression from her passing and still cry to this day over it all. I even got hospitalized due to it all and medicated. I never have befor ein my life, but her death was too much for me.

As time now marches on, I must learn once again to live alone, to take care of myself and to live once more the life of a single person. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fun, but it will be an adventure and will take an effort on my part, to keep going. It’s like half of me is gone for good. healing emotionally will not be easy.

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