October 5th, 2021, I am still here

Tuesday has arrived folks! I awoke around 8 am for a change, for the first time in a while.

Each day, I hear the news and I hear more about killings and kidnappings and crime, an dthe rates seem to be rising. It’s sad in America, for as it growss our civility seems to go with it all. people are losing it and we wonder at times what is causing it, don’t we, I know I do.

The anger in America has been over spilling and it is growing it seems. We need to earn it does not help the country or anyone when it does and calm down. people who incite anger and violence do so because they have no way to face or handle their own problems so they tak eit out on everyone else or try to get attention by doing so. It doesn’t solve anything, but, it does hurt others in many ways. Old saying anger begets anger, violence begets violence also, period.

Next subject, Congress need to find a way to stop America from going belly up and bankrupt. Do we really need to become a third world nation, because cngress as a whole can’t compromise? It is time for the Democrats and Republicans to forget party lines and do what is eight for the country and it’s people as a whole. We go bankrupt, no one will help us in the future if we need it, so we better do what is right here.

Talking politics once more, let me say something here. Whether you area democrat or a republican or a independent, matters not. If you back Trump and his cronies, you are backing a twice impeached, ex-president who incited an insurrection and violence against his own government, period. while Trump was President he failed at all he touched also. His wall wasa waste of money, and the only thing he did was pass a tax law for himself and his rich buddies. face the facts please.

Trump’s asking a judge to make Twitter allow him backon their web media page is just stupid. If any Judge allows that or orders Twitter to do so, it is just wrong, he used Twitter to incite the riot at the capital that is called the insurrection. Twitter has a policy for a reason and it is applied to all, equally, Trump should nopt be an exception.

Ok, now, on to the next subject. People tend to watch news and showson television for entertainment and i have no objection to that. What I do object to is the priceof cable tv, and the amount of violence on television and the lessening of it’s rules and regulations. Words I never heard are spoken by actors in shows or on newscast, and they are vulgar in all ways or just plain rude. I remind all in the media occupation and in the television world children have access to television daily and your feeding them, violence and foul language, what does that do to future Americans?

This has been a year filled with numerous tribulations, problems and events, in my life personally and in American History too. I tired of the murders, of the violence, of the threat of our government not doing what is right for all of us. health matters for myself come to mind and so doe sthe death of my wife from cancer. Changes are coming for me and i have no choice in all I do either, circumstances effect everything of course. Gas prices rise, oil prices rise, food prices rise and in the end the cost of living rises period. We the retired of America and the disabled on social security and siability payments worry and try to survive, does anyone in Washington care? I am beggining to think not, honestly.

I am alive still at 65 and now a widower, which I never expected of course, to be. The pain and sadness I feel at losing my wife is very palapule and raw at times. It is hard when you had the same person for 28 years to talk to each day and suddenly there is a void in their place in your life and home. Yet, I know i am not alone in the experience for sure many are doing the same in the world, just trying to survive and get along on their own suddenly. Cancer doesn’t stop for anyone and it doesn’t worry who it takes or doesn;t take, it just does it’s thing.

I survived cancer in 2013, I was lucky to have it caught at a early stage for lung cancer kills fast. Why I am still here is beyond me, but I am, while my wife lost her battle after 16 years. What the fates and The Good Lord has in store for me I do not know. I only know i am still here and as long as i am,I know there is something I am here for, so I will live on, untill I complete whatever it is I am supposed to do. Destiny, fate and whatever the Good Lord intends for me, is ahead. I know since I am still here, I have to force myself to continue on. It is also all I can do for I am still alive and here.

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