Society in America lacks Discipline!

The phenomen of reality shows on television has become an obession for many women, it seems. Many are into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and programs like it. They will sit and watch these women living out dramas between them and others, and go crazy over the discussions and fights between these women. Why I still don’t get it and I have watched them with my sister and gone what is wrong with these women? Do I really care who likes wine, or dresses, or jewelery, or who’s husband is doing what on the side? Why do these shows make it on television these days?

I suppose like many other shows they have their audience of course. The passion some feel for them is a craze, I do not understand at all. Sports seem to have the same effect on men, and they seem to paralell each other in passions. men do sports, women do these reality shows.

I have a problem with television these days anyway. First cable tv costs a fortune to have and it is getting out of hand actually. I know when my two year contract is up I am quitting cable Tv and going to only, stream, what I can. The prices are crazy now a days and rising. I never stopped to notice it, when my wife was alive, but now that I pay the bills, I do. On top of the price wars of television services, is the language and ratings wars. I have a problem with the language allowed on television these days. The get vulgar, swear a lot and in the end, the standards have fallen big time, since the 1960’s. The quality of television programming has dropped in my opinion. The language they use, was never allowed, back then for sure.

Now, what else is there to do in life, well, television has become a staple in many households as we all know. The first thing everyone does is put on a television when they come home it seems. So much so, people ignore their chores or important items, to see certain programs, they love. The television addiction in America, is beyond what people, even think it might be.

Whatever happened to other venues of entertainment, such as playing ball. kids playing outside, such things as roller skating and bowling and more? Where has the ability and energy to do such things disappeared to? Now a days, it is television and video games that rule. Kids have to have electronic gear everyday or they go crazy and get bored. Playstation, X-Box, Nitendo, Computers all rule the land, now. The internet is a vital part of life now in this day and age, we all have to have it no matter our age or gender, or race or color, why is that? Walk around some and you will see what I am talking about, in a mall or on a street, everyone has a cell phone and they are on it, 24/7 it seems, like zombies. It’s a crazy world out there, for sure! Americans and others worldwide are now electronic zombies, staring at screens and games and chats, it is not right and it can be dangerous.

The American way of life was changed over time and so has the world’s. Americans made a bad choice when they started following and doing as Bill Cosby said to do, don’t hit your kids talk to them. While the phycological concept is fine to consider to a point there is no problem with physical punishment either. We went from one extreme to another in the 1980’s and the crime rate climbed in America big time. Old saying that should still pertain is, a little discipline goes a long way. When I was a kid, a smack worked and made us fly straight, when we wouldn’t listen, today it doesn’t happen anymore. It is a failure to not discipline your children, that makes American Society go bad. Morals and Ethics are not taught properly, nor are manners, kids today have very little respect for their parents. It is a sad realization I have seen and recognized, sadly. Society in America lacks the discipline to function properly, period.

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