Thoughts for today, October 12th, 2021

As today it is cloudy and overcast and it is now 7;13 am, on October 12th. I awoke a short time ago, and my day begins with coffee as usual. Each day is in one way or another a blessing for I am stillalive and bale to do things and laugh and cry. I have my own wishes of course, that I know can’t come true. Like everyone else, we live with what is put in front of us don’t we.

Each day is a mystery and when you open your eyes, you know your alive. In the past I always thought I would never live past 40 years old, because of my lifestyle and all I got into at a young age, yet I am still here at 65. It amazes me at times, and I wonder to myself why that is so, but, I can wonder all day and night, in the end that answer is not mine to know. I also have always said we are all put on this planet for reasons we will never know and when we complete the task we were put here for we get recalled by our maker/ Lord.

Anyway onwards and upwards for now. Last night I watched the Red Sox, close out the Tampa Bay Rays, in Fenway Park in Boston to move on in the playoffs. It was an exciting and great game for the second night in a row. The Rays were favored in the series with the Red Sox and the Red Sox beat them anyway, it was fun to watch. I have always been a Red Sox fan all my life, before me my dad who raised me was too. he never got to see them win a World Series, but I did now many times and I wish he could have. In life there are few things that make me smile these days, the Red Sox winning did.

OK, politics is always raising it’s ugly head in America and all of this debating over raising the budget ceiling and the insurrection on Jan. 6th, 2021 will not change until we the people make it change. All Politicians in Washington, whether it is the Senate or the House need to be reminded that we vote them in and pay for them to be there, to do our bidding, not their own. Pass a damn budget, raise the debt ceiling as needed, pay the bills and lets get life going, again. Do something about inflation and rising prices too damn it. Oil is going sky high again and so are gas prices. Food costs rise and we the people suffer for it all as the rich get richer and we get poorer, wake up!

Politicians in Washington and across America get paid to do a job for you and for me, yet they are not doing it all. If they were food prices wouldn’t be rising, gas prices wouldn’t be either. Listen, I know the trucking industry has problems, the airlines have problems and suppliers have problems of all kinds, so do the people. Subsidize and support the truckers, the same with farmers and help the airlines out too. Look I know Uncle Sam can’t be responisible for everything, but it can help and give loans and assistance to these industries and make them work better. Not Government regulations, but help.

Lets discuss something else too today. The oxygen content and amount on planet earth is decreasing at a higher rate than ever before. Trees need planting, forest need rebuilt and we need to find out why the earth is losing oxygen at the rate it is and slow it down fast. If it continues we could very well be the next dead species and dead planet in the line of dead planets in the future. Mars is vacant and distant yes and it is devoid of life, the earth could very well end up the same next, unless we the only intelligent species on it, start to do things differently. Plant trees, stop pollution, if we don’t folks, your grandchildren and mine or theirs could have no planet to live on.

Enviromental protection must be used, as well as pollution laws enforced. Our environmment is being destroyed by us, yes human kind is killing itself and our planet! We scurry around the planet doing what we need to make money and survived, rushing to and fro, burning gas and putting fumes into the air, then we lite up factories and more, dumping fumes and chemicals into our own atmosphere. It is breaking down folks and in the end it will break up and we will be on an airless, oxygen depleted planet and not able to survive as human kind. We don’t have another planet to go to folks, not one that will support human life. Wake up, preserve what we have and where we are first, as we search the skies and heavens above for an alternative planet to live on. Otherwise mankind will go extinct, like the dinosaurs before us.

A few comments and I am done for today for this blog. 1) People tend to judge others and they should not, without knowing all the facts. 2) Don’t assume anything, if you do as they said in the Navy, Asume makes an ass out of you and me. 3) What you see and hear from someone is not always the truth, it is colored by their wants, needs and perceptions, not by the facts. I know this because I have seen it happen. 4) For some who think they know the facts, they may be surprised by the truths and shocked.

Recently, I lost my wife to cancer, and I do miss her dearly and I will always love her and keep the good memories, as I go forward. I know in my heart and in my mind and soul I did all I could for her in her battle against cancer, right till she lost the battle. I have done all I can to honor her wishes in all ways, now that she is gone and I will do right, by her memory, always.

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