Time shall tell!

In life, as we age, we find socializing the way to go and we meet others and make it work. We make friends, we get lovers, we get spouses and we end up making relationships work because we learn to compromise. if one does not compromise one does not make friends, find lovers or stay in relationships, no one wants a one sided relationship.

In my life, I have friends, and relatives and I had a spouse for 28 years straight and my first one for 12 years too. I have found in my life it is the women who have been the most important to me. My Mother was tough and a good woman who raised five kids. My sister who I love dearly and am close to, did the same with her kids too, raising them the best she could. My deceased wife was the same, and loyal and loving to me as I was to her and we always compromised in one way or another. It is what relationships are about folks, believe me.

Each of us at some point needs another person we love, rerspect and care about, and do things for that we would not do for, just anybody. Out of love and respect and caring we bend, we compromise, we give in and we learn to get along. It is what life is about, is it not?

Growing up includes learning to compromise, learning not everything goes your way and dealing with it all, doesn’t it? We compromise and accept what we get, it is a part of life. The point is, we can’t always get what we want, but we try so hard, we get what we need, like the old song said. It’s important that people remember, compromise makes the world turn, for those who don’t compromise at all, are the ones who lose folks! Compromising is what the world is about and all do it, we just dont rrealize it or some refuse to, is all.

As life goes on for me, I have no idea what is in store for me next. I go one day at a time since my wife’s death on August 10th, 2021. I have tried to compromise with others thru it all and keep her wishes for her and I believe I have achieve that. She has been gone now over 60 days, and I did as she asked me to, before she died, kept it simple. I could do no less, folks.

As I go forward each day is a new one and nothing is easy to do without her. Yet, I know I have to keep going for I am here and she is now passed. I am looking at the future now and hoping to survive and have a decent life to live in my own future. I think after serving my country for 16 years, being a husband and father and grandfather for over 40 years, it is time I try to live my own life. 12 years in my first marriage, 16 years service and 28 years with my second wife, 2 daughters and a step-daughter, 6 grandkids of all ages and in the end I have done all I can. I was not perfect, no man or woman is, but I know damn well I never intentionally harmed anyone and never would.

The time has come to say ok, my time is here. I need to clean out my house, sell all I can, and find a place I can live and find some peace and contentment for myself, in my elderly years. One day when I am gone, some will realize, I did all I could, given the facts and time ranges. I spent 16 years in the service serving my country, I spent 40 in marriage, and 28 with my second wife, which included fighting her cancer and my own for 16 long years. I was lucky and survived my own cancer in 2013, my wife did not survive hers in the end. I wish I could have done something to save her, but, I could not.

My life has always been filled with women in one manner or another, whether it was my mother, my wives, my daughters and step-daughter or my granddaughters and their brothers. It has been a full life, believe me folks. Now all I want is some peace, a place to settle in, enjoy myself some, be comforatble and content, until, my time comes and I join, my second wife again. I hope God will allow me to at least have that for a while before my time comes. Time shall tell, I am sure.

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