Hope is what I can do now!

October keeps rolling along now, as the leaves change and the air chills a bit. Each day is a smiw beggining, yet it comes and goes by at a reasonable speed these days. Being 65, the body aches at times from the cold and artritis of course, yet, I keep going. Progress is being made for me in selling items from the house and the house will go as soon as I clean it all out I hope. I have no reason to keep such a large home by myself.

I get up each day and I wonder what will happen for me. I am alone basically with my wife now passed away and I don’t have her to bounce thoughts off of or discuss things with. I miss that and her presence of course, even though in her final year or so she wasn’t all there. In a way the good lord, saw to it that her passing would be slow and eventual overtime, I think it gave me time to internally deal with it some. Time will tell for sure.

The world does not stop for anything it seems, even though we tend to think so at times, because we miss that person. In the end the world goes on and we do too and we must deal with the emotions, the losses and the time on our own terms as we go along. Some may believe i am cruel or too uncaring, but I am not, I will always have the memories of my wife with me. I am just a realist folks, someone who knows that no matter what I must go on and I can not bring her back.

That said, the world continues to go around and we it’s population that are here, must go on. Politics happen daily and those we sent to Washington, still debate the raising the debt ceiling, how to fix health care and more. The problem with that is, they are taking too long and prices rise in the country and drive the poorer into desperation soon enough. If we want action on the economy, healthcare, infrastruture, or covid in anyway we the people must make it happen, by pressuring our politicians we elected to office to do, it all. If we don’t call them, text them, write them or protest them in someway they will not react, so do something folks, get their damn attention.

The chasing down of criminals or wanted individuals in America seems to takea while due to our justice system and the way it is set up. For instance this Gabby Pitanio case, where the young girl was strangled to death and her so called fiance is now missing and on the run. The Laundry guy is running obvisously, and has disappeared and his parents pointed the poilice to the florida area they are searching, do authorities really believe they are telling the truth, or are they misdirecting them on purpose? It is a question that needs to be considered by the authorities involved.

We seem to go through obstacles to get people to justice, and that needs to be cleaned up in someway. People get a headstart on legal authorities, because of the delays that are in the system and the time it take sto process legal matters. But, it is not something I know a way around either. I only hope it all works eventually as I am sure Gabby’s family does too.

The world is going on in all ways no matter what it seems. The problems that occured do not stop it from spinning. Yet, we have a climate and enviromental problem that is beyond compare in the world’s history. The Oxygen supply is lessening on earth, which means at some point unless action is taken we will run out of oxygen and the world will be lifeless, like, Mars. The nearest planet out there is Mars, and in the end it is a dead planet and we are headed to that state ourselves here on Earth. Unless we react and plants trees and create more oxygen and help to heal the atmospheric protection of our planet, the outlook can be bleak for all humankind. Where else can we go, all would take too long for us to reach. That question is next for us to answer as we go forward.

My search for my own future still continues also. So, time will tell where i end up and what happens for me next. All is in flux now as I go along trying to complete what is needed, to survive. A new place to live and more will be needed, all takes time. I can only hope to find a peasceful life for my days on earth, I have left.

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