Give and Fight Cancer

Progress has to happen in the world and in ones life for it to seem worth anything at all. The world progresses daily and so do each of our lives, they become shorter as we go along our lives, and beleive it or not so does the world’s life span. We pollute, we strip mine the planet and it’s atmosphere and oxygen is depketing, and only sciencetist seem to acknowledge that fact.

Nothing goes forever folks including each of us, we all must face our own mortality it seems. I have lived a decent life, it has more good moments, than bad, that is for sure. Would I change anything in my life, sure I think we all would if we could, but the majormoments no, I wouldn’t. Life is about relationships and decisions in my book. You make decisions and choose relationships and that powers you to do what you need or want, is how I see it all. Am I right or am I wrong on the one, even I can not be sure, but I will say, I try.

As time now marches forward, the clock always keeps ticking and time moves on, I sometimes stop and reflect on the past, and yes i have my memories of my life that are important to me too, like many do. Yet, I must keep moving forward for I am not getting any younger for sure. Time waits for no one and yes all of us age each second we are on the planet. I know for myself, at 65 years old, I stop and think each day, how much longer do I have to go. So, I think I should live for each day I have and try to do as I please, and not hurt anyone, anywhere at any time.

All of the above considered, I look each day at places to live, work to empty the house i shared with my wife and try to contain my sadness at losing her. I have no choice but to continue on for I am still here and she is not anymore. I know i hate cancer in all ways and i hope all will give to fight it each and everyday we lived till it is eradicated from the earth. Cancer has taken too many in my life for sure. I lost my grandfather, my real father, my stepfather and my mom to it and now my wife too. hating Cancer is what I do now, for it almost took me too in 2013. I was lucky, it was found early and removed from me.

Many things in the world happen daily and we face diseases and illnesses always. These days people die at a greater rate than almost anytime ever before. We have all the diseases and illnesses like we always have and more now that covid is with us too. The numbers each day grow, sadly, and we fight the good fight against it all, but we have not found the solutions to many of these. I wish we would for the good of all mankind and humanity as a whole.

I wish all will help fight cancer and other diseases and illnesses. Cancer has taken too many folks, and I hope all will help the American Cancer Foundation and others as they look for the cures for it all. Too many are now gone and lost to cancer, Give and help fight it all!

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