To all Politicians in Congress

October 20th, 2021 has arrived. A chill has also arrived in New England here, the temps are beggining to drop once more. As we head through fall to winter, the world and America is changing quickly. Politics is crazy as always and Washington and all politicians need to be reminded who they work for, so, do us all a favor folks, call them, text them, talk to them on social media and more, make them answer up and do their damn jobs. It’s nice to make over 172 grand a year for walking aeound voicing your opinions, but not doing much isn’t politicians, do something!

Next subject, lets talk the murders across America that seem to be happening out of passion and vengence only, or because someone is mentally ill. Let me say this and I think many think it like I do, if you kill someone on purpose, you need to be prosecuted and either jailed for life or convicted and lose your own life for doing so. I know mental illness isa sickness folks and i know we treat mentally ill people, but that is no excuse in the end for killing innocents, unless, it is beyond someone’s control to stop. Not all of these killers, murderers, are mentally ill folks, they kill for money, greed, out of anger while in passion too. It needs to be stopped an dthe only determent that works is indeed the death penalty, it works for it make sthem think twice, before they act.

Ok, the search for the Laundrie man, Brian has been going on now a long time in Florida, if he is alive and hiding in those swamps, it would be a miricle now, or he is some kinda grizzly Adams type. That long in an area with animals including crocodiles and alligators is not easy to survive, the animals would get him, unless he has shelter at night. He would also need food and fresh water to survive, so if he is in there how is he getting those? Reality says, he is either dead, or not in that area and someone, maybe his parents have misled authorities on purpose. Thats my opinion anyway, Gabby needs justice for her, so I hope they find him alive, but I now have my doubts. I would not doubt he committed suicide, instead of going to prison, time will tell of course.

Lets discuss the Donald J. Trump fiasco as i call him and his predicament these days. Trump failed asa President in so many ways and the American people paid for it too. He failed before being elected Prresident at so many things, then he promised so much when elected and accomplished zero, except a tax hike for his cronies and himself, the rich. No wall was completed, he tried to steal the money from the military to complete that one and failed. he can’t sell Trump water, steaks or anything else either, over his lifetime. Trump is the only President in americna History to be Twice impeached in one term by the way and to incite a damn insurection against his own government, someone explain that one to me. His hotels are failing and losing money an dhe is filing court cases to protect documents regarding the insurection fora reason folks. he doesn’t wnat it shown that he instigated and asked it to happen and guided it all. He has no Executive Privilage powers, he isa civilian like you and i, and sSeve Bannon is about to find that out, too. Once you leave office as President all privilages go to the next President, it does not stay with you Trump. The Courts and Justice System will show him that shortly.

Let me say this, I don’t care if the economy is rough folks and the prices rise they will come down sometime soon. Trump can not and should not be allowed to run for the Presidency again period. he is corrupt, aand he is like Hillary Clinton said a Puppet of Putins! Americans do yourself a favor, ignore Trump, hios speeches, his rallies and his lies, he doesn’t care two cents about you or I, he cares only for himself. Do not vote Trump ever again!

To Congress, the Senate and House do the American People a favor, use the Constitution to Ban Trump from ever holding public office again, based on his planning, executing and driving the Insurection against our Government. Do it now, and stop him before he gets launched all the way!

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