Time Ticks on, no matter what!

Ok October 22nd has arrived already, time seems to wait or stop for no reason. The world keeps moving ahead as I age slowly each day. It seems no matter what, rime will continue to move forward and There really is no choice in what I do or not do now. I need to prepare the house for sale and empty it as I said and it is getting closer now as items sell and disappear when I go there.

Slowly, it all moves along, once the house is empty it must be cleaned for sale and sold. Then of course it is time to move on. I will miss my wife forever till I die myself, but, I have no choice, in all I do. Each day is a new one and I am wihout my Melinda, and I miss her, but that won’t stop time from moving on, for sure.

Now, next on my list is finding a place to live, where I want to go once the house sells. I have made a decision and I am sticking to it. I am looking for a small place for myself, maybe a small condo or apartment I can afford and furnish as i want. I want a decent neighborhood and a clean place, furnished just for me in the end. It may takea bit to find what I want and I do not have to hurry I am told. Thank God I have family to help me along here, who care.

Well, now on to the news some here. Gabby Pitinos boyfriend’s remains were found. Means the Gabby case is now closed as they both will be buried by their families next I am sure. I look at the news and another actor shoots and kills a person on a movie setq with a gun with blanks. Sadly, a man died and the actor Alec Baldwin, pulled the trigger, of course he had no idea, it was a movie prop. More than likely it will go down as an accident on a movie set and no charges shall be filed.

Congress is still playing budget games and time is ticking along. Get your shit straight Congress, both houses please, pass a damn budget and lets get moving again. The Republicans want to play no raising of the budget and the Democrats say it must be raised to fix all that is wrong. Stop arguing and compromise now! It is sad that you havent, so far.

What else is there to do for me now is my next question. In my life i have served in so many ways. I served as a son with my step-father rebuilding the house. I served in the Service for 16 years as an Engineer, ( Boiler Technichan), I served for 28 years in one marriage and in another for 12. I have been a son, a father, a grandfather and a husband to two different wives. I served my second wife and her cancer treatments for 16 years, before she passed. IT has been one thing after another as they came at me, and i accepted each in the only way I knew how and did them. Now, I have no more left to serve since my wife passed, except myself. As a Doctor told me it is time for me to take care of myself, for the rest of my life. So, I am preparing to do just that as fast as i can, all takes time. I am lucky for I have help from my sister, and her boyfriend, and that alone has kept me alive so far. When my wife died I wanted to climb in bed witth her and go with her. Depression had me and I was smart enough to seek help. Time continues to tick on for me, I am 65 and now only seek peace and quiet for myself and a life that will keep me happy and content, I hope I am not asking for too much from the good Lord above.

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