I hope to do just that!

October 30th, 2021, has arrived folks. I got out of bed at 6;58 am today knowing I have to drive for two hours to Connecticut today. I am still working on clearing out my home and getting it ready for sale in the near future.

Once I do so and finish it, I sell the house and move on. I can’t keep it of course what is one person going to do with a four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home? Nada is what so I am selling it as is when i finish.

I will have to get a U Haul truck to load up in the end what I can bring with me, to where i move. I hope it isn’t too much so I am being careful about what I am doing.

I have a Snow Thrower to sell, and some furniture to get rid of and then small items must go and the kitchen must be emptied out. I will call the lawyer on her car soon and see if i can sell it also. There are other loose ends of course to take care of, but I am going one day at a a rime is all.

I am searching for a new place to live in Massachuetts, near to Rehoboth I hope. I don’t need a big place just a one bedroom condo or so will do for me, since i am now alone again after 28 years. I am also looking at 55 plus communities for a place to live, maybe a mobile home a small one, for me alone. I really dont care what anyone thinks about where I may live, or how I may live alone, for it is just me as long as i have a bed, a place to eat and cook and wash my clothes and a vehicle that is dependable, I will be fine.

What the future holds for me I can not say, but I know I am 65 years old and I want peace and quiet and if possible comfort. A place I can come home to relax, and sleep when needed, shower, shit and shave also. lol

I just hope, no one thinks what I am asking for or wanting is too much, I did my time in the service and I did my time with two wife’s, two children and more, I think I deserve some place comfortable and peaceful and where i can run out my life, in a way I want.

To those who think, I am wrong in what I want, well I can say I am sorry, because I am not asking for much. To those who think I didnt give enough or care enough, you can go to hell, I did all I could, when my wife died. God Rest Her Soul and I hope mine when I pass.

I had one person asking when I shall move on as far as finding another woman in my life, my answer is simple folks, I am 65, old and at time crotchity, but I really don’t care to mix it up with a woman, again at this stage. If it happens it happens, but I am not looking for it right now.

SO many things need to be finished before i can settle down in a place of my own again. I need to finish the house and sell it, sell my wife’s car for what I can get for it. Have the carpets cleaned in the house to sell it outright, in as is shape.

Then I must still find a place to go soon, a home for me I can afford and live in. I don’t need big, small shall do for me. Which is why I think I will probally look at mobile homes in a 55 plus community. That way, it is small, affordable for me and comfortable as long as it is warm, and insulated and has what I need in it.

If people think I am wrong for what I do, or how I do it, I am sorry. I buried my wife, and got her headstone. I did my duty as a husband, a father and a son all my life. I also served my Country for 16 years in the service and served my second wife for sixteen years of her cancer battle out of the 28 years we were together. As my Doctor said tto me,” No more answering to them now, no more taking care of others now, it is time I take care of myself and make my days left right for me.” I hope to do just that folks!

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