God Bless All on Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween to all for 2021! May your halloween be filled with costume parties and friends and plenty of goodies!

Now, I am very close to finishingt he clean out of my house, I will more than likely donate a lot for sure. Once it’s cleaned out the rugs will be cleaned and up goes the house for sale.

I am also in the process of looking for a new vehicle. I am trying to decide which small SUV I want for myself, it will probally be that last carI buy in my life, so I want one that is economical and comfortable for me to drive to Doctors and Shopping and such. I am debating for myself between, the Hyandai Kona and the Honda Hr-v. Whichever I do purchase has to have All Wheel Drive for cold weather, and the electronic stuff I want in it, plus good mileage of course.

I am looking at small places to buy to live or a mobile home in a 55 plus community. I have seen some that are nice and under 200 grand, and affpordable. Since it is just me, it should be small and in a decent neighnorhood. The search continues of course but soon I have to makea move, for the house is emptying fast in Connecticut.

Today being Halloween, many will be out at costume parties and having fun I am sure. Keep the kids safe and drive carefully all. Don’t drink and drive for the police will be out looking and watching, tickets are expensive these days, it will hurt your wallet and your insurance too.

Well, I now know i must carry on alone, as all now know my wife died on August 10th, 2021 from cancer. So, I am gonna be moving ahead for I have no choice now. I hope all understand, when you lose a spouse it is rough, but, all of us have no choice in what we do, we are here they are gone. God Bless all on this Halloween Day!

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